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Full Screen Night Vision

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Starting next restart, fullscreen night vision mods should be enabled. By all means, install them and let me know if there are any issues :)

Below are the approved Fullscreen night vision mods.


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Tried using it, When I got it installed and everything it just does not let me turn NV on at all

EDIT: Am dumb and didnt use CBA, used CBA still didnt work

EDIT: Tried 2nd link it just kicked me

EDIT: NVM got it to work just dosnt work with new nightvisions from like APEX (NV Green is what I was using)

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For those that are not in the know... you can now purchase full screen night vision goggles from the General Store under Items.

  •     Combat Goggles (Full Screen Night Vision).
  •     Stealth Balaclava (Full Screen Night Vision).

In order to properly use the full-screen night vision, you MUST drop your existing NVGoggles and only wear one of the 'goggles' listed above.

  • Unequipped NVGoggles and equipped Combat Goggles (Green) = FULL SCREEN NIGHT VISION.
  • Equipped NVGoggles and equipped Combat Goggles (Green) = black border night vision.
  • Unequipped Combat Goggles (Green) and equipped NVGoggles = black border night vision.

This full-screen night vision modification does NOT need any loaded mods, only vanilla A3 as it is built in to the A3 Fractured Wasteland mission (scripted solution).


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Can also wear jet pilots helmet instead and look super cool :)

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