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The Life of a Dodo

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Walking through the beach, looking for any fish to swallow who has been beached, starving i look under the drift wood, for anything, in the distance  i see a spino, what do i do? run, try to sneak by him, or continue to forest for food, lets try walking the other way. What is this ? a man!, this man seems to be near death, barely breathing, i will stay near him maybe he will die and bring maggots. looking around i see the open ocean,  and the bushes behind me this is a peaceful place, what is this this mans breathing, its more steady, his eyes, they are open, he is getting up, maybe i can make contact with him and see if he can  get food for me, (KA KOOO KOO KO) the man first looks around and then sees me, he begins to walk up to me i belive he is wanting to be my friend maybe he speaks do do!, again i speak to him and beg for him to help me find food, for i am starving (KAKOOOOKOO) the man looks at me and all i see is a flash of red, and his fist return to his side, this man just hit me! my face bloody, i need to run! he wants to kill me for food, i dont think he understood me!, again  a sharp blunt pain to my back, im beginning to go numb i cant feel anything on my back or my face, i am now frantic running from this guy, this is madness, i dont know what is ---------------  everything goes quiet for a few moment, no sound, of my feet running, a bright light, i see my wife, i thought she was eaten by a rex, but it appears she is still alive, i call out to her 'HELEN! HELEN!, my love, i missed you, i thought you were dead!"  she sees me, and starts to walk to me, her sweet stride, of her legs, she slowly comes up to me, and says "frank, frank honey, i am here, you do not have to fear anymore, here honey take all these berries, they will help you understand," she leans down and regurgitates  worms, pre-chewed for me, i dont hesitate i lean down and pick up the worms gobble them down not a worry in the world, my wife, and i are back together she then says "frank, i will return im going back to the  home to get more food for you honey" with a smile on my face, i faintly hear her footsteps Fade into the white light, i wait there lying unable to move, the white light begins to fade away, and the figure of a human appears, whats this in his hands? berries? why is he coming to me, why is he--- Leave my beak----(Force fed Berries) im choking on these, but wait im beginning to feel better... this human he is helping me.... i feel... great.... this human sits down beside me and says "Frank, its me, i did not mean to hit you, but this will make you feel better, i am so sorry, if you want i can help you find more food"  i then get up and with joy from being filled to by gizzard with food, i will follow this human, he gets up and i begin to follow, he walks into the woods and i go with him, not a care in the world this human seems to be a comic book character hero, he came up to me heals me, gives me food, and now hes taking me to sanctuary, the man stops and looks over, around a tree, he screams out in terror RUN!, im not knowing what is happening, the world starts shaking beneath my feet, a massive roar is released, im frightened i cannot move what is happening.... this big head, peeks around the corner, eyes red, from anger, arms the size of a stick, legs the size of a tree, is this a T-rex, am i dreaming what is this madness, he opens his jaws snapping at the man, he barely escapes from his jaws, as i see his jaws shut i see the bone of a dodo in his teeth, then i quickly realized this is the rex that ate my helen, i begin to attack the rex, with all my might!, it turns around and looks at me and laughs looks at me, i look up at him after pecking his foot, i see his teeth one more time, a white flash, i remember smelling the carcass of a thousand animals, then nothing, everything is black.... and a flash back to reality, im staring at the spino wondering which way to go.... lets go to the spino, see if he has any worms.

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