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EDDiscovery Tool

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This is the post about the EDDiscovery Tool and how to make your life easier with it! Images are on Imgur here.

To start visit Github Download for EDDiscovery and get the tool. Once the tool is installed it will take some time to download additional databases, primarily star maps. At the time of this post it downloads a database of ~22 million stars and takes about 10 minutes on a 100 Mbps connection.

Once this tool is installed it can be a little daunting. To make it easier I suggest going to settings and changing the theme to something that the eyes can stare at. I am using Orange Delight.

After that you will want to add some add-ons. I am using VoicepackV6 at this time (most advanced to date). There is a ton of features available but I will just touch the simple one. Changing the voice using Voice Synthesis. Now any voice that suports S-API 5 or SAPI5 will work. By default Windows 10 will only have a few voices and although they work I am not a fan. To remedy this some things need to be done with Downloading new Voice Packs and Regedit (not for the feint of heart).

Windows 10 Guide with images on Imgur are located here.

To start you need to go to Region & Language. You then Click Add Language. Add any English based Language for a nice speaking EDDiscovery time, or add random stuff for broken English. Once that is done you need to Install the Speech pack for each by clicking on the Language, then options, then clicking download on Language Pack and Speech. Once these are done and installed you can remove the language.


Up to this point life is good and Easy. Now is when Regedit becomes a thing. Start by opening Regedit. Be careful in here as this is where you can break shit.


Also some of the voices will use the same speech pack even if they have different names. Also some names have to be manually corrected. For more information on how to do that ask one of the Techies in the community for assistance.

--End Disclaimer--

Once in Regedit find Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech_OneCore\Voices and export it. Edit this exported file and do a find and replace for \Speech_OneCore\ to replace with \Speech\ and then save the file. Once that is done you can inspect the file for duplicate voices. To tell if a voice is Duplicated or not simply locate the following


If the key is located on two voices one is a duplicate. You can remove all the lines of code starting from [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\NAME OF THE VOICE HERE] though the end of "Version"="VERSION NUMBER HERE" which should be 24-25 lines of Code. Use Notepad++ for an easier time seeing this. Once that is all done and the names are fixed then simply save the edited registry and run the file to import it back to the right spot. Reboot your PC and you should be good to go (reboot not required).



If you need help with any of the reg-edit stuff contact your local Fractured Gaming Community Tech.

Edited by Sevaver

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I have compiled a edited registry for review on pastebin here.

The voices I have are from the Australia, Canada, UK, India, and USA voice packs. There are also two from the Russian voice pack.

Microsoft Eva Mobile is Cortana for the USA/Canada and Microsoft Matilda Mobile is the Australian version of Cortana.

Microsoft Pavel and Microsoft Irina Desktop are both Russian voice actors so they create some really funny pronunciations of English words and any numbers that they happen to say are in Russian.

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