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The Guide (WIP)

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This will be the guide to everything Elite and where to go for help on the game.


Starting off in elite can be a little overwhelming. First thing is first, if you have a Joystick or Controller try playing with that to start. To start making money do transport data missions, boom data delivery, or intel delivery missions. Once you get to around 300-400k buy a Hauler (ship). Equip said ship with all D grade equipment except for a Frame Shift Drive, you want a 2A. Link to The Build for the Hauler. Once you do that ask where to Data delivery hotspot is currently at. At the time of writing this guide it is in Ceos <-> Sothis (Federation) or Ngalinn <-> Mainani (Empire). You can typically make 20-30m credits per hour after the first hour of getting reputation maxed out here.

--End Start--


--Web Tools--

Some important tools to know about are going to be listed here.

eddb.io <- This Website has the ability to provide you with info related to where to buy stuff or find stuff.

inara.cz <- This is a jack of all trades and master of most website. Any information that you may want should be able to be located here. This is one of the newer websites.

More tools to follow

--End Web Tools--


--3rd Party Applications--

There are a lot of them out there. I am only going to list one for the moment.

EDDiscovery Tool <- This tool has so much functionality I cannot ever start where to start. There is a thread about this located here.

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