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Ark: Mod Suggestion

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I'm good with all 4 mods being introduced on a probationary period. But also would want to make sure none of these would mess with the servers running smoothly. I suggest that if your requesting mods, I would do a background check and make sure that the mods that are already implemented on other servers are not hindering or giving problems to those servers. Other then that I'm down for these.

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I know the Platform Plus runs smoothly with S+(Same creator) as well as with Pillars Plus. Both should also cut down on lag by reducing the number of foundations/Pillars needed to make the various platforms work.


Castles, Keeps and Forts while absolutely AWESOME from a Castle-Obsessed-Nerd's perspective has had a hand in lag for past Ark servers. We had a base a fraction of the size of our Aberrant one and it was killing Raptors computer. Also seen issues with it and S+ on the same server causing superlag when accessing engram lists (Both add a LOT of new engrams to the game). That said, if we can get them to work together I'd be all for it. I want a castle! With dragons to roost on top of them. xD

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When we started the server, we agreed not to try to exceed 5 total mods at once(due to compatibility of other mods.), however with these Mod suggestions, they will be looked at and taken into consideration.

I do thank you for taking the time and posting on the forums a mod request.

If we do deem it worthy, we will add it to the server, however if not. do not be upset, These requests do not go unnoticed in fractured ARK.

Don't forget this is ARK, its not ment to be easy, nor is it ment to be extremly hard either,

We are a PVE-P server (Player versus environment and Players), the stakes must be high, for a good outcome.


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