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Guide: In Fallout 76 - How To Get Screws

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Guide: In Fallout 76 - How To Get Screws


  In the game of Fallout 76, one of the key gameplay features is crafting, which means that you'll need to take advantage of to survive in the wasteland of West Virginia. If you want to accumulate a comfortable campsite and upgrade your gear, then it's necessary to raid all the junk you can find scattered around the wastes.


  To that end, scrap is one of the most common resources, and it is very important for survivors to know how to get specific components and how to make those components useful for the survivors. Fortunately, we have got you covered with this guide on how to get screws in Fallout 76. Now please follow us and take a look at it.

  Usages of Screws
  Fallout 76, to some extent, just like Fallout 4. Screws are taken as a vital resource for crafting armor mods at workbenches and weapons in this game. Some other structures and mechanical items you build at your CAMP also need screws. So if you are not careful, it would be run out of very easily.

  How to Get Screws 
  The screws can be found by breaking down certain junk into scrap, and this task can be done at workstations. And these pieces of junk can offer you massive screws ( In alphabetical order):

    ●Desk Fans
    ●Hot plates
    ●Toy cars

  You can find these items randomly during your journey through the wasteland. You can either stored in containers or laying about. If you are having troubles in seeking them, you can try and trade with vendors or other players to get them as well. Here, you can find more than just Fallout 76 weapons, but also Fallout 76 items, material, and many other resources.

  Some of these items, like the Desk Fan and the Hot Plate, could be very heavy. To solve this problem, you can scrap your junk as often as you can, because the scrap components can end up weighing less than the complete item.

  Perk cards like Pack Rat and Scrapper can also help you with scrap in many different ways. For more details, you can check out our complete list of perk cards here.

  And that is all the information about how to get screws in Fallout 76. If you love modding your weapons and armor, then these pieces of scrap could be incredibly valuable. So please make sure to keep an eye out for junk while you are traveling through this enormous wasteland.

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