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Please ban TK'er

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Name: Kazakhstan Numba 1
Reason for reporting: TKing
Proof:I've got the video file if you want it.  Too big to upload.  
I'd gladly upload it and link you to my youtube channel, but this KID is an asshat and would probably seek revenge.  PM me and I'll send you a private link to it.

Kaz TK POS.png

Edited by 13rin

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Video would help yes, usually the punish button to be used when you are tk'd but if someone repeatedly trolls or has clear intent to steal etc. please accompany report with video 5min or more preferably.

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I only team killed you because you made me very mad by just waiting until I shot all of the AI then went and got in the tank I am getting sick of this because it always happens to me because there’s always going to be that one player who just waits tell 1 person finishes the mission and just runs in to there and takes all there hard earned cash or there vehicle if you would of shared the profit with me I would not of team killed you because I would still be earning some cash since this happened to me just today I just wasn’t going to let this one slide my anger broke and I just killed you because you made me so angry.        Btw I’m Kazakhstan Numba 1 my friends name is Kazakhstan Numba 2 so don’t get confused with him. I should probably say sorry I guess So Sorry I TeamKilled you honestly probably never playing blufor again because of these things happening to me.

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Although Teamkilling is against our rules, no action will be taken. Why? Because the in-game punishment feature should be enough. We don't ban because someone TK'd you once, twice or thrice. Repeatedly then yes.

However, take this as a warning. If there is any teamkilling as a result of this post then all parties involved will recieve equal punishment.



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Okie dokie. Thank you for time.  I didn't think much would come of this, but just wanting to put this guy on your radar especially since he apparently TK's when 'mad'. 

'Both parties will be equally punished'?  I didn't do anything wrong.  I followed your server rules and intend to keep doing so.



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