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Ghosting on the Malden Server

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Name: ProjekTDejavu
Reason for reporting: Ghosting on Blufor
Proof: Youtube video

This guy always plays Independent and everyone can attest to this.

I was lucky enough to grab this from nvidia shadow play i was tabbed out of the screen and was lucky enough to tab back in just in time.

PS. Mute the video the audio is pure static


Edited by Jonny12168

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Hope I’m not stepping out of bounds here, but what it looks like you recorded was him being in lobby, everyone comes into lobby as Blufor. His name was white, which means he was still in lobby, changed to Indie then joined in.

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19 hours ago, Jonny12168 said:

What would you suggest i record to better support my claim? 


Record him joining blufor, leaving to indie then immediately killing teammates etc. Basically him actively carrying out ghosting not just changing teams.

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