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Team kill report

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First sorry by my bad english, is not my native languaje.

I was playing with Murmillo666, all started with an objetive, psiewart shot an strike artillery at Sniper Nest, and I was close with a heli Pawnee, and I taked a look to the rest but it seem the artillery destroyed the boxes. Then I get back to the heli, and he shooted to it, and me and my friend almost crashed, so I shooted him, because he has no reason to do it. Then when he revived came directly to me and shooted me. I recored that. I'm attaching link of video on google drive. 


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Because you both TK'd each other, which is against the rules either way, and we have a solution in place for small cases just like this in form of the punish button I won't be banning anyone. Do not team kill under any circumstance and use the punish button. Punishing someone twice will kick them to the independent team. In future if someone team kills you for a large reward, or is consistently trolling please report with as long of a video as you can. Have fun!

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