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Membership Application: MrMadman

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  • Name:
  • In-Game Name:
  • Discord Name
  • Age:
  • Member Who Recruited you (If Any):
  • [FRAC] Members You Play/Chat With:
    Anyone that is in the game chat
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  • What Games Do You Play:
    Arma 3, SCUM, Escape From Tarkov, many more.
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  • What Strengths/Skills Would You Be Bringing To The Community:
    I'm a fast learner and pretty friendly. Enjoy playing with just about anyone.
  • Why Do You Want To Join:
    Enjoy the community and would like to be a part of the people I play with!

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I've seen Madman on quite a few times, and the number of times he has been on, he has been a joy to play with.  He indulges me in my shenanigans and gets a kick out of jumping into a police van and raiding gun stores while yelling "FBI hands up".

I love players that aren't always utterly serious about the game and can have a laugh.   ...Unless I"m confusing people's names. 

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Hehehehe! >:D

Unfortunately my mic was not set to capture but no big deal

Edited by MrMadman
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Hello ive been hanging out with madman in arma and scum.Hes my kinda guy a real scumbag look at the picture....FBI Hands UP.Speaks volumes to me.Another dam cereal killer running around having fun with other frac members and none frac members.Hes very positive good attitude likes to joke around and would make another good frac member

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Hey MadMan,


I see you are a big hit with the guys! Sorry this app has fallen by the wayside - if you are still interested in joining, I want to make that happen! I cant recall seeing you in the discord in the last few weeks, but I have been traveling so we could just be missing each other.

Hit me up in discord, or reply here and @ me so that we can get things moving.





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