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DerpingOnSunshine Ban Appeal

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Name: DerpingOnSunshine

Time and date of ban (approx): 
     I've no idea; I do not remember being banned on this server, nor do I remember playing it recently. I've only recently started playing ArmA again, and I was already banned on the server.
Banned from where (Discord/ARMA/ARK?): 
     ArmA 3 Wasteland Server
Who banned you?
     I do not remember / I do not know.
Why were you banned?
     I do not remember / I do not know. 
Why do you think we should unban you?
     Because I believe the ban is either accidental, or so much time has elapsed that I'm not interested in shenanigans.
Have you read our rules again (If you state 'yes' to this then it will be taken as written consent that you agree that a permanent ban would be fair next time you disobey them): Yes


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If you are serious about being unbanned,i would come up with some answers instead of 'I dont know'.  How are we suppose to even look anything up without a in-game name or date when you were banned? We will not just unban you because its been a long time. 

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As you havnt used the proper ban appeal application we cannot take any action towards assessing your appeal as we do not have the relevant/required information.

Please use the proper application form under "Applications > Submit a Ban Appeal" and provide as much information as possible.

Link below also.




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