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Why have you banned me and Todo with no real evidence of any glitching? You just accused and banned. How can someone beat the evidence that are not even grounded. Any of your evidence may be real, but maybe not. They are all questionable. And than shameless just lock the thread with no answer on my last "your so called evidence" killing. We never glitched nothing. You did not record nothing because there was nothing to record. I wonder why are you just making us change server for nothing. Or for some personal reasons. I really dont know. 

We cannot upload evidence that we are not cooperating on Arma 3.
We cannot upload evidence that we dont have money if we have it.
We cannot say its not truth that Todo transfered money to me yesterday if he did.

Its all NOT-BANABLE so called your evidences. If you think somebody is breaking the rules I suggest you to firstly observe them and record them doing it or even just screenshot or whatever. Just not to do it this way because you see that you can think what ever and just ban random persons. So unprofessional from my point of look.

Edited by Cromax

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1. You act childish.

2. You are immaturely handling the situation.

3. You are not giving us any evidence to say you didnt glitch. Or even giving us a reason to even consider unbanning you.

4. You are trying to tell US how to run OUR community.

Nah, sorry, not happening. 

FYI: Locked. Forum ban and Discord ban will be issued if you post anything else.


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