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poop Ban Appeal

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  • Alias:
    be original
  • GUID:
  • IP Address:
  • What Service were you banned from?
    ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland
  • Approx Time of Ban:
  • Banned By:
    Praetorian (and all the admins and or owners)
  • Ban Reason:
    i admit: glitching money, extreme racism, disrespecting admins, disobeying admin and server rules, circumventing ban two times now (I tried using a VPN to play on your server)
  • Appeal Explaination:
    I know you (the server admin and owners) are not Jesus Christ or God. And I'm not a relgious person nor do I mean disrespect if this has nothing to do with all of this. BUT, I once read the bible and Jesus Christ gave many bad people more chances even after all the bad things they've done. Please that's all I ask for. To be left alone again playing on your server. (sad crying face) I used to go to church I'm a good person. You are absolutely 100% right server owners (we talked already) about me staying banned. I've witnessed you admins and owners personally ban rule breakers for racism, hacking, and such things. I always thought "thank goodness I'm not like them" but I also thought in the back of my mind, I'm not perfect I am intentionally rule-breaking (I admit it) and I know that one day I will screw up and get banned. Please accept my acknowledgment of my mistakes i ask you to bless me with your kindness of 1 last chance. Amen and goodbye.
  • Video Proof:
  • Chat Proof:

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I will stop with the childish crap and rule breaking. Please I've only been playing a little while I'm a good person I know my history doesn't show it but I'm explaining it now so maybe you can shine the light on me of forgiveness. I didn't think what I did was so wrong. I knew my actions were wrong but I meant to keep the ma secret, because I only play with myself I don't play with anyone else. I will grow up and stop being immature please. 

Edited by poop

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