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Turtle2108 Trolling/Disrespect

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Player:             Turtle2108
Server:            Stratis Wasteland
Date:               6/18/2018  8:20PM EST

Issue: Turtle2108 of teamkilling, toxicity, and some admin disrespect


The player was in chat prior to me joining saying "suckitsuckitsuckitsuckit", which implies something has already happened.  Then I hear he teamkilled others before and had an argument how they teamkilled each other after.  After explaining that it's not acceptable in any method to teamkill each other, and to simply punish each other, they have an argument where Turtle fakes being friends with his victim.  At this point it becomes more trolling, as he chases Tyler down across the map to teamkill him again.  Tyler leaves and Turtle states "oh he left to Malden, so I am going with him".

At this point, I grow tired of his harassment of other players, tell him as much and get a "get your nosy face out of this" followed by a "your the toxic one".

He was subsequently kicked.  In addition to this, he was banned before on this post:
Of note: he was kicked for harassing the same person he was banned for.

Proof amongst one more video.  Generally important stuff is at the end, but that's the whole bit of all conversations

https://youtu.be/-_MgTC8FGdQ   <actual teamkill @ end of video




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