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Mokey's 10 Tips to be good at Tarkov

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Hey guys, 
I'm thinking about releasing some videos of my/our game play that will go over this. But feel free to add into it.

So let's get into it.

Tips and Tricks to get good at Escape From Tarkov (EFT).

Tip #1: 
Learn the maps. A lot of times when you start playing you find yourself lost and don't know where to extract to. Learning the maps will help with this immensely. And there are some tricks to it. Majority of the extractions will always be on the opposite side of the map, depending where you spawn. The only exception for this is when playing Scav.
If you buy a map from The Therapist, put it in your alpha/gamma container. You can now chose which spawn to deploy to before the game starts. Also Upon choosing the spawn, it will show you which extractions you will have and the locations of them. Memorize them. Especially for maps like Customs and Factory.
You also want to start learning the loot crates and where they are so you can get your loot and get out.

Tip #2:
Play in smaller groups. Solo runs are great, but not having a set of eyes looking out for you while you are looting can be disheartening when you get killed looking at an M4A1 in a crate. I typically like 2-3 man groups, including myself. Just remember, loot can go all ways. Having a 5 man group sounds great, but in reality, without a great way to properly identify squad mates TKing happes A LOT in 5 man groups. There also seems to be a lot of talking and confusion when playing in groups this large.

Tip #3: 
VOLUME: Turn your volume up. To hear a door open or footsteps in a building is a must. Without sound, you will almost never get a jump on someone in CQB. Headsets are available in game that amplify sound, but it can be quite annoying, especially if you are running though trees and bushes. 

Tip #4:
Abuse your "B" Button (default). A lot of the times if you would of just had 1-2 more rounds out faster you would of killed that player. Or you may have actually killed him, but you died in the process with no chance to save yourself.  Hitting "B" will flip your fire modes. Semi/Burst/Auto. Don't be scared to throw some led down range. EFT has a pucker effect. Most people, when shot at tuck back in. If not they die. Force them to tuck in.

Tip #5:
Be aggressive. Passive players will get kills but aggressive players can walk away with a passive players gear. Now, hear me out. So People who play passive, typically stay passive. There's nothing wrong with this. But in a situation where you are getting pressed or you need to press. You will most likely die and lose out on it all. This doesn't mean to just hold "W". Learn to bound, press, and shoot. Trust me, it will cause you more wins then not.

Tip #6:
Loot Fast. Don't waste time staring at or examining. There are little things that will help you with looting. Putting  back packs in other back packs, folding but stocks or removing them, and removing magazines to fit them in your inventory. Put together a priority loot list. I.E. Guns, Bitcoins, Tool Sets, Mods, Ammo, Rubles, Nic Nacks, etc.. Just so you know what you wanna throw out fast.

Tip #7:
Don't loot someone you just killed. Anytime you kill a player, you have to ask yourself, does he have a friend? Sit back, see if he has a partner. If he does, trust me. 90% of the time, his partner will go to his body and attempt to loot him. Stop him from touching your newly found gear. 

Tip #8:
Playing as a Scav. Don't shoot Scav AI. Let them run around. If a PMC/Bear show up, They'll let you know a player is on the way. You can also walk around like a Scav. Some players will think you're a scav and walk right past you. Then you just kill them as they are looting. This is quite fun.

Tip #9:
Don't be scared. There are tactical retreats, then there's cowering in a corner like a scared dog. Sometimes, you've gotta set up a fatal funnel. It happens. I do it a lot on woods in the bunkers. Run, turn, and wait. But don't go crazy. Sit still, aim, and DON'T MOVE. Remember Tip #3.

Tip #10:
Learn to veer off of boundary walls. When I started playing all I wanted to do was keep a wall to my back. It's great for extraction. But if you want speed or loot. You've gotta learn to play a map, and the whole map. This is where Tip #1 comes in.


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