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Found 68 results

  1. Name: Daniel Lhongdeek Reason for reporting: Hacking Proof:https:
  2. See the screenshots below. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535106662 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535106690
  3. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    Name: prestes Reason for reporting: trolling Proof:
  4. NAME: OLIVEIRA DENUNCIATION: the player R4ZGR1Z, who is part of my team killed me for no reason, had only been part of the mission and I took part of the loot ... Then he came and killed me for no reason.
  5. Akkono Kokusnuss

    Team killing after mission

    Name: Kalashnikov Reason for report: I was doing a mission after it was done I was going to get the crates and after I put 2 crates in my car I got team killed with a grenade that Kalashnikov shot or threw. He said I was stealing his mission but I killed like 2 tanks and he did nothing and did not revieve me after he killed me. After that he just took my car and the crates and sold them. Proof:
  6. In-Game Player Name: SheerEffort Player ID: 76561198020818602 Current Gear Level: Gear Level 0 (Default) Requested Level: Gear Level 2 ($2 million) Steam Screenshot of Bank: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1462899321 By submitting this form you acknowledge that gear levels are a privilege. Falsifying this application can result in removal of gear levels, immediate denying of future applications, and/or banned from our servers. Yes
  7. BipolarIceScream


    Shepard racism In the last 15 seconds of the video
  8. On the AC at Malden, jets get major damage when they are purchased. They have to be repaired prior to being able to take off.
  9. I've heard this a few times that the Malden Aircraft Carrier instantly blows up pawnees. Personally the other day, I bought an A-10 there, and it spawned nose down. Thankfully it didn't blow up, but was severely damaged. I am going to extrapolate that the other jets would spawn this way as well, in addition to said helicopters spawns being borked. Naturally no forum posts were made about this the 3-4 other times I told people the Forums are the best way to get a response for this. Hehe. So....Hero.
  10. Tell me if I should go onto the server again and record me buying the smoke from a gun store and trying to throw it. And I'm sure I didn't buy a smoke round or whatever they are called when fired from a grenade launcher.
  11. Happened twice so far for me yesterday, i was in a tank and was running over the ai on a mission and as soon as i hit them my tank flipped and blew up, before that i was in a iffrit and hit one and blew up, On straits server.
  12. Location: Malden 3:35 PM EST I am with Big Tickles and complete an enemy outpost and a Convoy mission, loaded crates from these mission in the Hunter and this is what we get from the view vehicle contents tab. Screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1396379835
  13. I've been on the server quite a bit today and noticed the mission Red Dawn pop up 3 times at least. I was excited to do it until about 3 seconds after it pops the mission completes itself, not even leaving me time to check it out on the map. If I would have to give my 2 cents on what it wrong, by what I understand the mission is paratroopers. With the time delay I'd make a rough guess these AI are not pulling their chutes. Or the aircraft they come in if they do at all, crashes into the map.
  14. Both servers seem to be down
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379183459
  16. Tried flying the Hellcat AT last night on Malden and locking on to a stationary tank. I got 1 of probably 30 fly by attempts to lock on. Not sure if its buggy or if I am doing it wrong, but I am spamming T while the cross hairs are on the vehicle with no lock on.
  17. On level 8 and 9 for gear level I do not spawn with a rocket loaded. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379794088 In the top right I have just spawned and just started pulling out my rocket launcher and it has no rockets. Every time I spawn.
  18. The full screen night vision mod mentioned in a previous post by Mokey - this mod is not supported by the Malden server and I wish it was! Thank you
  19. You can buy the items, it will subtract money from your account, but anything above a 7.62 i.e. mission only guns/ammo will purchase at the gun store, but not deliver the actual product. Posted on behalf of Leby because he's lazy as hell.
  20. On Malden for some reason the screen stays black and says initiating va loadout but nothing happens,Started first time I died on malden this morning so I'm boycotted from the server.Some kinda bug.ill give an update on server va loadout status to c if its just an arma bug thatll fix itself when the server restarts.Unless you guys changed loadouts again
  21. Since the servers are linked with gear as well, potential abuse may happen with players logging out in malden, going to stratis and buying gear there. The 2 minute ghosting timer for the server makes me believe this has been thought of already, but just in case. To me, it would be too much effort to go through for that, and the cost of selling said gear for a "profit" is impossible as the cost is the same. Furthermore, just on an off note, the prices on ammo is often $5 to sell when it is $1500 to buy, which makes no sense. Maybe increase ammo selling prices on malden?
  22. I've noticed that even though you are unable to purchase any weapon above 7.62mm that VA's are able to spawn in with them, such as the Navid. I see that as an extreme disadvantage as those who are not VA can not get the high powered weapons without completing the missions to get them, where as VA can spawn in with them fully equipped any time they die.
  23. plz I need answer why the laser designator don't load in VA yesterday was working today is not
  24. Under the staircase in the lighthouse, you can easily go prone and glitch under the floor(arma physics apparently) and hide completely under the floor by removing your backpack. bit cheap.. https://gyazo.com/f1aeb9e1a0ccee9d11bfba835d2b75d5 without backpack(ghillie suit is on.) https://gyazo.com/c97149e4160fd0313c61a0e5e99a1872 backpack on(without ghillie suit)

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