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alexander spiers

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  1. I see the error in my ways of greifing and I’ve actually gotten help recently i have a girlfriend and I just want to have a fun experience on arms again
  2. alexander spiers

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    can i get unbanned
  3. alexander spiers

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    basically i had my hud turned off and i didnt realize i killed a team mate the last time i really would like a revoke your community is amazing and if i get accepted i will donate to the gear level system because i apprieciate this server thank you
  4. alexander spiers

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    Alias: alexander spiers GUID: IP Address: idk What Service were you banned from? ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland Approx Time of Ban: 01/15/2018 Banned By: ghostyyyy Ban Reason: toxic or something to that effect Appeal Explaination: i hvaent been a on in 4 months and i want to play some arma with my friends again Video Proof: Chat Proof:
  5. alexander spiers

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    Understandable but it’s a new year for new chances
  6. alexander spiers

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    Name Alexander spiers GUID Alexander Spiers IP Address What Server were you banned from? Stratis Wasteland Approx Time of your ban 12/31/1969 Who were you banned by? Shine Reason you were banned for? Team killing Why should it be lifted? I’m sorry and I️ won’t do it again I️ sweat Video proof (Youtube Only, if available) Don’t have it

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