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  • Stratis Gear Level Discount Donation Stretch goal has been added! Check it out in the Arma 3 forums!
  • Tanks DLC has been added to Stratis Wasteland! Please post any bugs in the Stratis bug section of the forums
  • Times running out! Vote on our next potential game server!


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  1. Name: Chamberlunn In-Game Name: IloVeAsHleY Discord Name IloVeAsHleY Age: 19 Member Who Recruited you (If Any): if i remember correctly harry [FRAC] Members You Play/Chat With: used to play with anyone who was on the stratis server. shine, requieumanarchy (i understand hes no longer a part of fractured), harry, jjray, zenki, examplez and a number of others Do You Have A Mic: Yes What Games Do You Play: payday 2, the forest, subnautica, skyrim, (used to play arma 3 pretty much 24/7) and a number of other random games Have You Read Our Rules: Yes Have You Ever Hacked/Cheated Before (We Will Find Out): did glitches in some of the earlier CoDs (on sp and bot matches mp only) not really good at the whole game file and saved data thing i cant even mod minecraft What Strengths/Skills Would You Be Bringing To The Community: um im friendly and mature (imo) and really willing to help anyone out with anything if i am able to but other then that i dont really have skills that would benefit anyone over the internet Why Do You Want To Join: love the community love the maturity within the community and i would love to be a part of it again i was here if i remember correctly a year to a year and a half before, playing arma 3 on the stratis server and the altis server when you had that going i was actually offered a admin position by ghosty on the stratis server during my time here, i declined tho because i felt like the admins that were here did fine and i didnt want it to interfere with me playing games and hanging out with the community, in my mind i was already kind of an admin where i would help out anyone who needed help and i was playing arma almost everyday and when i wasnt i was in the teamspeak where i could be reached if someone did need me..the only thing i couldnt do was kick/ban people. i also play games alot and would like to have some people to play them with and talk to

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