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  • Stratis Gear Level Discount Donation Stretch goal has been added! Check it out in the Arma 3 forums!
  • Tanks DLC has been added to Stratis Wasteland! Please post any bugs in the Stratis bug section of the forums
  • Times running out! Vote on our next potential game server!


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  1. Jam3so3

    Membership Application: Jam3so3

    thank you guys i appreciate it, really hoping the malden server survives
  2. Jam3so3

    Membership Application: nickk

    +1 i play with him all the time
  3. Jam3so3

    Membership Application: Stonekilla

    +1, good player, plays a decent bit
  4. Jam3so3

    Disable UAV

    I fully agree with all of your points
  5. Name: James In-Game Name: James Discord Name jam3so3#5293 Age: 21 Member Who Recruited you (If Any): Grim [FRAC] Members You Play/Chat With: Grim Do You Have A Mic: Yes What Games Do You Play: Arma 3 (malden and stratis server) , rainbow six siege Have You Read Our Rules: Yes Have You Ever Hacked/Cheated Before (We Will Find Out): never, games are best when all parties are playing legitimately even if it means loosing to a player with a higher skill level. What Strengths/Skills Would You Be Bringing To The Community: i communicate with my team and i will do whatever is best for the team by giving callouts, support, etc. i enjoy a good team that can communicate and work together to achieve the same goal. Why Do You Want To Join: i find myself playing on fractured servers almost every day of the week and i feel it would be appropriate to become a member.

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