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  1. TempestofChaos

    Tanoa Server

    I agree, but it is not popular. Try to find a tanoa server for that, even koth tanoa shut down. Shame, like you, I enjoyed it.
  2. TempestofChaos

    Tempest's list for server survival

    YES YES YES YES YES. I LOVE IT. I have thought about it before, I was thinking "why can't a gear level 10 player be able to use a prior weapon, or even weapon equivalents." If you unlock an MX, it is reasonable to allow them access to a Katiba, or Type 115 as well. Each have benefits on their own. It is also worth exploring if class restrictions were unlocked. Personally, I like the appeal of being an engineer and having a specific loadout including mines, but the sniper class gets a DMR rifle with a better scope. I love the idea personally, but I feel like many people would rather be able to just use the DMR as an engineer. Yes it is silly, and would remove the role of the sniper, but if people would like it much more like that, maybe consider it? Maybe in the end it isn't a huge problem. Just same as always, sniper gets a full ghillie, and everyone else gets to use their respective medkits and what not. It certainly would make combat diver a playable option
  3. TempestofChaos

    Tempest's list for server survival

    I have thought about the idea of buying Virtual Arsenal with in game money for short periods of time, and using your in game menu like a gun store. Problem is, I was not sure who would be willing to put that together. I actually very much like the idea. It solves every problem as for what I thought of. It allows casual play, it allows players to combat high gear level or VA players, while still not having all the money themselves, and it reduces the grind of prestige level gear. Ultimately, if short term VA purchases, for say....300k for 1-2 weeks was possible, it very well might work. As for the people saying that VA is not an issue here. There is a problem where a gear level 10 player is infinitely outmatched by a VA player. That is obvious, and that power gap is one that we have an interest in reducing. Now, in the past we have dismissed that idea as whining on their part. However, Virtual Arsenal was NEVER intended as something the normal player could get, so we cannot simply say "farm more, noob". It was intended as a time sink for the most hardcore of our players. Both valuable, and immensely powerful as a tool. Let's make a second look. People hate this idea, and it needs to be said again. HAVING A SIX MAN GROUP PUBSTOMPING EVERYONE KILLS A SERVER. People need some bloody judgement, as to whether they should rape an area for a solid 3-4 hours at a time. This isn't so much an issue when there is 60 people on, but there is a problem when there is 24 on. And time and time again, people wonder why that's a problem. This here is it. People leave. Ghostyy had that rule for a reason. I was lax in enforcing it and simply kicking FRAC members for doing it, because I thought I was being a dick. Now I can look back and realize how much of an impact that may have, depending how the group is behaving. We can sit on our high perch of being good at Arma and say "get gud", but that isn't an okay solution to have the top 0.5% of players murdering them off the server, because there isn't enough 0.5% of players to populate it!
  4. TempestofChaos

    Tempest's list for server survival

    Here's a problem we have. We need to agree in the direction to go, and we are assuming it is only prices that are there. I know I did the same, so don't just go on my assumptions. Let's look at playstyles and see how we can influence those based on simple price values. For example, we do not want people spamming UAV's or tanks constantly, nor do we need plane spam constantly. We need those to be cheap enough people will buy them, but enough that spamming won't happen. This also assumes that those fun toys are all the reason, too. We do not want someone ragequitting just because they lost a T-100 or an A-10. Praetorian, you advocating for buffing spawn drops like before, while saying that gear level costs don't need a reduction. Both would have the desired result of increasing buying power. I'll be honest, when I say I do not see the harm in either. If we have sales for GL's, it boosts the population for a little bit, or people log on quickly for that to spam them out. I am not sure how that worked in the past, that is up to owner recollection of how it worked. My thoughts is instead of having VA viewed as an ultimate luxury, maybe make it the goal for every player, instead of the select few. That could have a form in allowing prestige levels to keep their guns, potentially each reset, or removing the 100% bank reset, and simply costing$10m. This also begs the question, is are gear levels an issue at all. I would think that grinding is something people don't like. I don't think the problem is so much that the MX was weak, because the MK18 7.62mm rifle given before was also very weak compared to the Cyrus and Navid that VA users could get. The point is the power gap between those two points. How do you fight that distance? I don't know if giving GL10 a DMS scope is the perfect solution (fully noting that the sniper class gets one). Vehicle prices up until tanks/jets seem largely okay, given what tanks can do. Especially considering most APC's now have multiple reloads of rounds. However, maybe a reduction of prices wouldn't be a bad idea. Say back to old values of 85k/90k of a Varsuk, seeing of how weak the tank is, even with how powerful its cannon is. However, I would argue for the values of helicopters and planes much more. They seem far overpriced for it. While they are a fun toy to use, and certainly very powerful, their values are quite inflated. I get those are often money splurges, and actual recouping of value lost is difficult, however, it should be more feasible for quazzi newer players to get them as well. Look at the average player's bank account, they are hovering around 500k-2million. 200k+ for a jet is a HUGE chunk for them. Not saying that they need to even get one, but the option should be there. Hell, even at my 17m, an A-10 is a huge chunk of change. These are things that are powerful, yes, but so too is a tank. Often I find that a well placed tank is much harder to hit for common players. After all, any fool can hit a plane with an AA launcher
  5. TempestofChaos

    Tempest's list for server survival

    The main idea I have heard repeatedly is the lockout for UAV, and that the grind for gear level 10 is too long. I'd think that a 50% price cost for GL 10 or a rework for prices is needed. Reason being is that with this day and age, people are not acceptable with grinding it out. Look at our popular games. Most games like that nowadays are jumpin/jump out at whim. Investment is sort of death. The main thing that would counter that is friendship/group work. Which is honestly why I stuck with Frac so long. The arma 3 players are awesome.
  6. TempestofChaos

    Tanoa Server

    I legitimately enjoy Tanoa. Thing is, it is such a convoluted map compared to stratis or even altis. it is comparable to the old arma 2 map. Lots of woods, lots of hiding, lots of alternative playstyles that arma 3 players aren't familiar with. Tried it before on a couple servers, never worked well, sadly. Malden would be better if we seeded it.
  7. TempestofChaos

    Membership Application: Potato

    Same here, I enjoy speaking to our soon to be french fry. He started a while ago with some casual jokes with me, since then he has been a joyful member to be around, and have had several conversations and shared memes that make me enjoy his presence.
  8. TempestofChaos

    Membership Application: Jam3so3

    I was asking for input on server content or changes, and James helped with ideas and what happened in his experiences. Anyone that has that care for helping me solve our problems deserves a spot in membership. I don't care if I played with him much in discord, I love the helpful attitude.
  9. TempestofChaos

    Tempest's list for server survival

    THIS IS JUST A LIST OF IDEAS, OTHERS ARE APPRECIATED. First thing's first, we need to remove spammy bullshit that is hard to counter. Drones used to have a timeout so they couldn't be spammed. An update a few months ago broke it. Drones are being spammed constantly on Malden. That drone timer needs to be re-introduced. The ceiling height for them needs to be reduced again, because it is higher on Malden than Stratis. That ceiling needs to be 1500m-1900m to allow lockons from AA. Second idea of the day. Number of ideas to do this. Face it, VA's getting nerfed with this idea. Possibly make it cheaper with prestige levels or gear levels, or remove the bank account wipe rule. Other ideas: 1. Change starting gun to a MX 6.5mm or katiba, then work your way up the gear levels with attachments instead of better guns. Have GL 6-7 unlock PCML, GL8 unlocks RPG-42/MAAWS 2. Change the gear levels to 1m per level up to GL 5, then 3m each to GL 10. Face it, a MX is not that bad and everyone having it isn't terrible 3. VA gets a nerfbat to guns higher than 7.62mm. This forces everyone to go to gun stores no matter what. No more being able to snipe at 1km upon spawn. (VA needs a nerf regardless) As said, this is not optimal, but our VA members do NOT make the server, our regulars/new players do. We need to balance around them. We were fools for trying to balance in favor of VA holders. Third: Gear Crates If we are to nerf farming in Malden, which I KNOW most admins are disgusted with, passive income in malden is cut in half. Everything gets half the money. To counter that, the capture timers get turned to 2-3 minutes instead of 4-5, which helps balance that out. To counter the nerf to money generation, it was a mistake to make crates random in hindsight. Thermals need to make a return to crates. One thermal per 1-10 crates is reasonable. They need a 10-15% spawn rate. These are our shiny reward buttons. Furthermore, crates need to match their gun type. We often get a Navid with no ammo! Or navid ammo with no navid. This cannot last. This should be an easy change, because it just means reverting back to older changes with crates. Good news, the scripts SHOULD still be there. It was removed because of farmers on Malden. If this becomes a problem, we adjust prices on items. But that is a problem for another day. If people have too much money, that is the LEAST of our problems right now. Now, I know we removed those crates for a reason, but let's test the waters with a return to how it was. Let's face it, more population is more important than in game money, right now. Let's address the big idea in the room: Why would we balance for noobs? Because those noobs run this server. No, like seriously. This doesn't mean we have to make it hugs and rainbows, but let's toss them a bone. I don't mean throw them a Navid. But let's reduce the power gap a little bit. Even if only 30-40 have VA and only 5-6 are still active, being able to snipe at 1km upon spawn is and has contributed to this. So to counter this, making gear levels easier to obtain is not a bad idea.
  10. TempestofChaos

    Tempest's list for server survival

    So this was copied from the discord assuming people read forums. So happy fun time!!! If we do not fix this shit, server will die next month, because nobody will play on it. FIRST OFF: Our ideas of balancing around our top players is ending. This is stupid for a number of reasons. It doesn't work, as evidenced by player levels, including our regulars. No more "but we earned VA, no nerfbats", because guess what. If this doesn't get fixed, you don't get a server next month anyways. Time to fix things. 5 Blaring issues to be addressed. 1. Gear levels 2. Misison Rewards 3. UAV's getting nerfed, re-introduce the lockout timer. 4. REMOVE MALDEN FARMING (money nerfbat)(edited) 5. All of this needs minimal new coding, only minor adjustments So my main goals for this: 1. Make it easier on day 1 players to join. 2. Make it so gear crates are consistent with loot types like before 3. Reduce power gap between max gear level and minimum. 4. Overall: make the game more casual, less grinding. None of this garbage of "it is too late", because if people are still farming money on Malden, they think there is a reason to farm. So let's repeat this. No comments of "but they just need to get gud" is acceptable. Server has 15-20 max lately, time to fix shit. They obviously do not like something. Let's try to find easy to change solutions first. Let's have fun with ideas, and get creative. Because face it. We cannot POSSIBLY ruin it further. So before we go any further, let's be completely clear. Our regulars are not always the best. Some are downright poor at the game, some only play every so often, some are amazing at the game, some are members, some are not. We are not balancing around the top 1% of players here. We are looking at how can we get new players to not go "this is shit" and leave. Because here is why: The attitude of "they suck and they wouldn't even like it here" is bullshit. We are at an average of 10-25 people on MAX. That isn't good enough for a server that not only 3 months ago I had to wait to get on. Sure Arma is cyclical and dying, but if a server from CodeFourGaming can pull 30 people to play wasteland with only pistols to start with, we can get 45 on an average day. I love our community, we can do this. Ultimate goal: We need to get to the point that people figure that it would be awesome to be an member/admin here. That's when we know we have made it.
  11. TempestofChaos

    Disable UAV

    I agree, UAV's need to have height ceiling adjusted below 2000m, a missile should be able to lock on at any time. Especially with the size of the malden map, this should not be an issue. If a player finds it valuable to spam missile UAV's for 2 hours straight, there is a problem.
  12. TempestofChaos

    Orlin - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: Orlin Player IP: Player GUID: 25fb9d56bca2b80fe3286be151ab61d4 Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland ArmA III: Malden Wasteland Ban Length: Three Day Ban Reason: Racism Proof: [2018-11-10 | 02:35:48] (Group) Orlin: Sup you nigger @dokey. I just wanted to say hi you bad admin
  13. TempestofChaos

    Jane Puckerbutt - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: Jane Puckerbutt Player IP: Player GUID: b1d47275d3e8dd344a4ffd72234801a8 Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland ArmA III: Malden Wasteland Ban Length: Three Day Ban Reason: Homophobia Proof: [2018-11-10 | 02:36:43] (Group) Jane Puckerbutt: TEMPEST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU FAGGOT WOW
  14. TempestofChaos

    Be original | Bob - ARMA3 Ban

  15. TempestofChaos

    PVT Snowflake - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: PVT Snowflake Player IP: Player GUID: e5d78981bc694637dd40fade9a8abfa4 Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland ArmA III: Malden Wasteland Ban Length: Three Day Ban Reason: Racist slur in global Proof: http://plays.tv/video/5ba1ad25ca1cde4ca3/fractured-malden-pvt-snowflake-report

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