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Shine Dwarf

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Everything posted by Shine Dwarf

  1. Adjust AirStrike Desi Price Adjust AirStrike Desi Price Click to view on GitHub
  2. Jet loadout modifications Jet loadout modifications Click to view on GitHub
  3. Shine Dwarf

    Lukas Teamkill

    Thanks Rabi, I'd be more inclined to help if you had a better Doctor in your picture, but Stinky or one of the admins will finish up.
  4. Shine Dwarf

    CallousDisregard - ARMA3 Ban

    As there is sufficient evidence of toxicity and warnings in prior posted chat logs, I'm upgrading this to a permanent ban. Please feel free to be drunk on someone else's server. Should you sober and mature, you're welcome to submit a ban appeal request in the distant future. Have a nice day! Regards, Shine
  5. Shine Dwarf

    Fractured Community Meeting

    Community meeting to decide what direction we want the community to go. As well as some command structure organizing. Sat at 8pm cst Please attend if able
  6. Adjust price ok Air Strike and reduce cooldown on Arty Strike. Click to view on GitHub
  7. Remove RedDawn smoke due to FPS impacts. Click to view on GitHub
  8. Shine Dwarf

    poop Ban Appeal

  10. Malden Carrier Jet Spawn Fix v2 Click to view on GitHub
  11. Mission change for Malden Carrier Jet spawn issue. Mission change for Malden Carrier Jet spawn issue. Click to view on GitHub
  12. Malden Mission - Adjust carrier vic store to fix Jet Spawns. Click to view on GitHub
  13. Correct issue with syntax for Pylons on WipeoutLightCas Click to view on GitHub
  14. Correct issue with syntax in Vic Loadouts around WipeoutLCAS addition. Click to view on GitHub
  15. Adding in Wipeout Light CAS (no missles) Click to view on GitHub
  16. Corrected GL9 items to match Gear Level Info Page. Click to view on GitHub
  17. Updated Breifing.sqf Admin List. Click to view on GitHub
  18. Shine Dwarf

    Psycho (Amanda)'s Application for Recruiter

    Psy, if i were to leave one peace of feedback. From your recent discord posts my thoughts are that you need to lighten up and be yourself. As a recruiter youll be a face for community contact. Dont be stiff and professional, be you. If youre an individual who holds Frac values, then let them shine with being yourself. All these recent messages ive read make you look like youre on a tightrope afraid to falloff Shine
  19. Updated Briefing - Admins. Click to view on GitHub
  20. Shine Dwarf

    Steam Card Winner

    Hey everyone! As mentioned, those who donated between may 19th and 24th would be entered in to win a 20$ steam card. The winner has been determined and it is...... JTravis! Congrats sir. Video of winning pic below
  21. Shine Dwarf

    I Am Viper949

    Oh god, hes near me...
  22. Shine Dwarf

    Hacker Mission

    Personally i wouldnt mind making it static amd unmoveable. We could hist increase the download time, whih would increase the vulnerability. Tbh the va guys generally already just blow it up.
  23. R3F Bug Fix - Replace charger_deplace_en_cours with objLoadingInProgress Click to view on GitHub
  24. Shine Dwarf

    [Update] R3F Fix for Salvage

    R3F Fix for Salvage Click to view on GitHub

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