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    Please ban TK'er

    I only team killed you because you made me very mad by just waiting until I shot all of the AI then went and got in the tank I am getting sick of this because it always happens to me because there’s always going to be that one player who just waits tell 1 person finishes the mission and just runs in to there and takes all there hard earned cash or there vehicle if you would of shared the profit with me I would not of team killed you because I would still be earning some cash since this happened to me just today I just wasn’t going to let this one slide my anger broke and I just killed you because you made me so angry. Btw I’m Kazakhstan Numba 1 my friends name is Kazakhstan Numba 2 so don’t get confused with him. I should probably say sorry I guess So Sorry I TeamKilled you honestly probably never playing blufor again because of these things happening to me.
  2. In-Game Player Name: Kazakhstan Numba 1 Player ID: 76561198322460348 Current Gear Level: Gear Level 0 (Default) Requested Level: Gear Level 2 ($2 million) Steam Screenshot of Bank: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1539299313 By submitting this form you acknowledge that gear levels are a privilege. Falsifying this application can result in removal of gear levels, immediate denying of future applications, and/or banned from our servers. Yes

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