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  1. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    it was a 3 day ban you said but i am still banned? you said the ban was 3 days long and its 4 days and im still banned?
  2. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    what the fuck are you talking about i did the heavy money shipment with my friend and u stole all the crates out of our vehicle and sold them
  3. awkmatthew69

    awkmatthew69 Ban Appeal

    Alias: awkmatthew GUID: 76561198077170501 IP Address: What Service were you banned from? ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland Approx Time of Ban: 09/22/2018 Banned By: donkey Ban Reason: teamkilling Appeal Explaination: i tked a guy cuz he tked me Video Proof: Chat Proof: no
  4. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    how long is the ban
  5. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    Name: prestes Reason for reporting: trolling 
  6. In-Game Player Name: awkmatthew Player ID: 76561198077170501 Current Gear Level: Gear Level 0 (Default) Requested Level: Gear Level 2 ($2 million) Steam Screenshot of Bank: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/946209690023132654/ADF2CF08F497EF35E3F6042E8F6D6D8C53E41EEC/ By submitting this form you acknowledge that gear levels are a privilege. Falsifying this application can result in removal of gear levels, immediate denying of future applications, and/or banned from our servers. Yes
  7. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    i only ran him over in the first clip cuz he kept doing it to me btw
  8. awkmatthew69

    ban this guy

    Name: prestes Reason for reporting: trolling Proof:
  9. awkmatthew69

    awkmatthew69 Ban Appeal

    thank you so much
  10. awkmatthew69

    awkmatthew69 Ban Appeal

    team killing in arma 3 is bad and it makes it so your team cannot play the game or have fun i have understood about it and it takes the fun out of arma 3 - DO NOT harass any player on the server you are playing on. We understand people rage, but as soon as you get out of hand you will be told to stop. If you do not stop, you will be banned from the server. i have read the rules and know what to do now, team killing is bad because it takes the fun out of the game for them and it can lead to being banned because Admins can and will ban at their own discretion. If you were banned and would like to appeal it. You can do it on the forums, some people might have a hard day at work and they come home to play the game and there getting team killed which is not fun at all i have been team killed before and i can tell you it is not a fun thing to happen to you team killing is bad because it can take so long to get gear after being killed by enemies then you have a kid that joins the game and you just got all looted up and this kid kills you i would be pissed if that happend to me and i bet who ever i killed was pissed and i am very sorry so that is my apology and also in game the is a money system and it is hard to get alot of money and if this does happen to you when someone kills you after you have a expensive loadout it can be frustrating because you put so much time and effort into getting the money getting the gear from the general store then going all the way over on the map to the gun store and to the vehicle store just for someone to kill you and blow you up it is not fun and i see why i got banned i dont exactly know why i got banned it was a very long time ago and i am sorry it happend in arma 3 the servers can also get packed with people and it is nearly impossible to get anywhere without dying unless you are in a helicopter very high up in the air so if you die it kinda fucks you over because you cannot get your shit back because gun store general store all that shit is being camped by someone. i have also referenced the server rules and read all of them hopefully you have read this and unban me i hope this response is 1000 words if not it is definitly up there also i am very sorry that i did do that and i team killed someone it will not happen again i promise team killing is a bad thing and i should have never done it because i know how hard it is to get all looted up plus these people play on blufor or opfor because they need a team and they need people they can trust and i killed my own team which i know is never ever fun for someone to die by a team mate
  11. awkmatthew69

    awkmatthew69 Ban Appeal

    Alias: awkmatthew GUID: 76561198077170501 IP Address: What Service were you banned from? ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland Approx Time of Ban: 01/04/2017 Banned By: doesnt say Ban Reason: teamkilling Appeal Explaination: i don't remember teamkilling it probably happend a very long time ago Video Proof: Chat Proof: i think i should be unbanned i actually have no idea what to say here im just tryna hop on arma 3 i dont remember what i did to get banned besides teamkilling but i dont remember doing it it prob happend like a year ago and if i do it again you can perm me doesnt matter cuz i wont get banned again

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