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  1. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Fractured-Gaming-Official/Frac_v1.4.Stratis Click to view on GitHub
  2. Adjust Air Strike price and reduced cooldown on Arty Strike. Click to view on GitHub
  3. Mokey

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    Denied. If you can't learn the 1st 2 times, there's no reason to go for a third.
  4. Mokey

    Membership Application: Smurphy

    If you don't play with members, who do you play with?
  5. Mokey

    Cromax Ban Appeal

    Well storing the riches answers the 25mil. But it doesn't answer how the other gear levels were achieved so quickly, Now if Todo was giving you money, on the ground, EVERYTIME, the giant announcement to yourselves and on the map would of told you that you are targets. And seeing how you both well know the ATM, I don't see how you didn't know about transferring money. This isn't something I can believe. There's no way you didn't know about transferring. Our database counts everything. There isn't a way to get past this. I will talk to the other staff and we will have a vote on it. Somethings line up, but others don't. If you are unbanned you will be put on a watchlist and watched via RCON, Database, and while in game anytime you are banned. This I can promise. Nothing against you, it's just how we deal with people we unban.
  6. Mokey

    Cromax Ban Appeal

    Ok @Cromax. Here's the deal. The log shows that you have obtained $1,310,400 via transfers. from an admin mistake you claim to of had $6,000,000 on top of that, so that means you had $7,310,400. Meaning that you had to activley grind $17,689,600 within less than a span of 2 days. Since I'm assuming you are human and you sleep, 6-8 hours of sleep, this would mean that you of had 36-40 hours of grinding. A work week is 40hrs with 8 hrs a day. So with that being said, you state that you worked hard for your money. Doing what? Some of our hardest grinders on the server work non-stop to max that bank account. So let's look at your history of gear levels then. Gear Level 4-6: 2/16/2018 (2 weeks from your prior application) Gear Level 6-7: 7/16/18 (5 months later (seen as a leave of absence)) Gear Level 7-8: 7/31/2018 (Nearly 2 weeks) Gear Level 8-9: 8/3/2018 (3 days, questionable, yes. Bannable, no.) Gear Level 9-10: 8/4/2018 (1 day, raising suspicion) Gear Level 10-11: 8/6/2018 (2 days, really raising suspicion considering bank gets wiped now. You start with almost nothing) Gear Level 11-12: 8/8/2018 (2 days, H/O, what's going on. You spawn with almost nothing. How? Gear Level 12-13: 8/12/2018 (4 days, This seems reasonable with good skill/luck or playing at the right times.) Gear Level 13-14: 8/14/2018 (2 days again. There's a Pattern starting. Bet you'll do it again. Gear Level 15: (2 days later, again, but this time it's $25,000,000 not $10,000,000) Now with the above being said, we talk to guys that grind all day. This equates to roughly $2,000,000-$3,000,000 a day you could push a little more but not consecutively . Now this is with a perfect scenario with 0 complications, which doesn't exist on wasteland. Then we look at your bank transfers, still missing A LOT of money. Nothing is adding up. Where is this extra money coming from? So with all the above being stated, how did you get $25,000,000 in just shy of 2 days? Better yet, 10,000,000 3 of your 4 prestige levels AND your VA Level? Answer this, we will test. If what you say pans out, then you shall be unbanned. with all of the above said, admins aren't perfect. We make mistakes. But I'd rather my admins make a mistake and ban some1 who isn't cheating, than overlook who could be cheating and not do anything. So prove them wrong. Until then, you will stay banned.
  7. Mokey

    Cromax Ban Appeal

    To clarify, we have a 0 tolerance for Hacking, Cheating, or exploiting. It seems you have openly admitted to exploiting money. Unless you can explain how you buy expensive items then sell them for profit considering you get 1/2 as much back.
  8. Adjust Air Strike price and reduced cooldown on Arty Strike. Click to view on GitHub
  9. Adjust red dawn to remove smoke due to FPS impacts Click to view on GitHub
  10. Adjustments to Stratis walls near Cephas and rocks near Tempest. Adjustments to Stratis walls near Cephas and rocks near Tempest. Click to view on GitHub
  11. Added Wipeout Light CAS variant to stores. Click to view on GitHub
  12. Corrected GL9 to match GL Info Page. Click to view on GitHub
  13. Updated Breifing.sqf Admin List. Click to view on GitHub
  14. Updated Briefing - Admins. Click to view on GitHub
  15. @Shine Dwarf @Strilles or I will take a look and see what's going on when we get a chance.

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