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  1. Now, if he wanted to jump straight into development, I wouldn't mind.
  2. May need to add more cover then around the west/south west areas
  3. Mmmm, I think we should chose people that play games.
  4. After talking to Strilles a little in discord, he's is incredibly apt to assist with situations especially to involve code. I like him. +1
  5. UPDATE: I think we may have the solution for a perm fix on Gearlevels that can't be altered so we can restrict how we want and have a proper white list for items on VA Will do some testing tonight. If it works as intended will release. Essentially here's the deal: Items will be whitelisted in the InGame VA The Load button WILL NOT be disabled. To check if you are trying to bypass the whitelist in VA The script will count items you are holding, return them to a list, and if anything is outside of the allowed scope, it will be removed Also, Ammo limits will work the same way Ammo and Rockets will be counted as 2 different items Magazine counts for primary and secodary weapons will remain as 5 Rocket counts will be up'd to 1 rocket per. Meaining 1 HE, 1 AT, etc... This will fix the current method of checking and allow you to chose what you want and how. It will also relieve my admins from having to spectate VA players and ensuring that they have a valid load out. Also, Mine dispensers will be removed from VA
  6. can anyone confirm this happening with other gear levels?
  7. I will take a look at this when I am home. It's one thing to test on a test environment by yourself, but you never know what is going to happen until it's live, Then stay at GL 10. VA was meant to give players that played too much on our server a challenge. No one is forcing you to get VA. IF you don't want to chose what gear you spawn with, then don't. The issue is, the spawn isn't an isolated area. It's the little island north of Stratis. I.E. Spawn Island. VA is accomplishing the same result without using a money variable and without buggy, laggy stores. I have a fix in mind, I just got to get home to do it
  8. So there is a lot of discussion currently about our recent change to VA on the Stratis Wasteland Server. I want to explain what has changed and why they are happening. So, what was changed you ask? VA SPAWN ORDER Originally, VA was a little wonkey. When I made the script 3+ years ago, I just started smashing code in Notepad++ to see where I could go with it. After working with @soulkobk we were able to adjust how you spawn with VA,. BEFORE: So how it used to work was, you die, respawn, sit in the open, select items or load a pre-saved set of gear. If you are new to VA, this can be a little concerning. But you quickly adapt to saving VA loadouts. NOW: What happens now, you die, you click respawn, your character gets hidden on spawn island, you select or load your gear, click exit, and then the respawn dialog box will show up AFTER you leave VA. This means you no longer have to do dive bomb VA loadouts or even make adjustements while in the open. VA users now have their safe space... Now, I know a lot of you are like, "But Mokey, it takes me 2 seconds to load VA! Why do I care about how we spawn." Well, it's simple, the server doesn't revolve around you. It doesn't revolve around JUST members, and it doesn't revolve around new players. It revolves around everyone. We have to make our server smooth for EVERYONE. OPTIMIZED GEAR LEVELS Yes, The entirety of Gear Levels has been changed on the code side. We've made the code less clunky and running a lot smoother so now we can make more changes to VA. Also, now you no longer have to watch your sting turn into a different weapon while spawning. You can immediately start engaging as soon as you are Boots on Ground. LIMITED AMOUNT OF AMMO FOR VA USERS WHEN SPAWNING Save the best for last These only take effect when you spawn. Limits can be bypassed by going to a store and buying more ammo. WHAT IS VA INTENDED FOR? S0, I want to heavily express this to ALL PLAYERS. Gear Levels were never intended to allow players to never visit a store NOR allow super Anti-Vehicle mechanics. It was created and implemented to create a grind gate to have players get addicted to wasteland and continue to play on wasteland and give players that played too much on our server, a challenge . It was also created to allow players to choose which weapons they could spawn in with, which is a MAJOR advantage when playing. I never intended it to be the end game I'm done solution. I want EVERYONE to experience everything in the game. Including 1 hour long firefights at gun stores. VA has sat the way it has for so long because I didn't have enough knowledge at the time of implementation to do anything else with it.I know a lot of you that have had for ages are pretty much set in your ways and don't want it to change. However, I have to look at the server in a whole and NOT just VA users. ROCKET SPAM Rocket Spam has been an issue as soon as BiS released the Bergan Backpack. Since release of it, I've heard and seen people abuse the living **** out of rockets. Here's the issue, VA having 6-10 rockets. You spawn in, BoG, and you're an immediate threat to ANY vehicle. You've now lost your pucker effect. Remember when you used to not have VA, you would see a tank and hide, while your heart beats you prayed he didn't see you? Well Not a single person with VA does that. I want VA users to feel like they have to make a better choices upon spawning. Limiting Rockets stops this. Don't worry, you can still spam rockets, just go to a store first. SPAM SPAWNING Ohh yeah, you know it. VA is the devil to ANYONE trying to siege an area. I have heard EVERYONE of you complain about @MaRii. "He doesn't care about dying." , "He just Spawns on beacons, and face charges everything until he can't spawn on a beacon any more. Then he will just keep re-spawning until he gets a close spawn." , "Spawn on my beacon, kill that tank" and there are MANY more scenarios from other VA users. If you actually think this isn't overpowered with 15 mags and 7 rockets. You need to open your eyes. I may as well give VA users god mode and say, "DESTROY THE SERVER!!" Limiting ammo count alleviates this tremendously. MONEY MMhmmm, I know what's going on. Once you hit VA, you no longer really have to go to a store and put yourself in danger. You can sit on a rock and snipe as soon as you chute from a beacon, ALL DAY. Right @Leb_Army? As I said before, VA was never intended for this to happen. It was simply intended for players to grind to a goal and choose a loadout. I never wanted people to not use in game functions anymore Now the kicker, VA users give money away all the time to player grinding to a new gear level. I actually don't have a problem with this. Wait... I've heard plenty of you say , "**** him, they can grind just like I did." But, I've seen these same people take money for their own gear levels. Stop being a hypocrite. Because let's be honest, after you hit VA, you have no need for $ aside from vehicles. Now, you might have to go to a store, put yourself in danger, and guess what, you may die. You may have been too reliant on VA. I am giving you reasons to use your money so people stop getting so many "free" gear levels. AUTOMATION With the new setup, this opens a multitude of options for us with VA. That can limit what needs to be limited, such as Gear, weapons, accessories, and ammo. Without having to ban people. Some people think that we should just enforce the rule "don't spawn with this", but in reality, people are people, they break rules and see how far they can go. We may never catch someone or we may have a day or two where we catch everyone. The goal isn't to ban everyone breaking rules. You've heard me say numerous times, "For the most part, If there isn't a script stopping it, it's allowed." for those of you that want rules. I don't want to micromanage ANYONES game play. As soon as you start to micromanage game play, you encounter altercations, in turn admins, members, players all do something wrong. Why would not use automation? CHALLENGE Really? This is more pointed to [FRAC] members. I cannot fathom how you are not for these changes. We always talk about how [FRAC] is an elite group of ARMA 3 players... But as soon as I take away a small element in VA, you go nuts and start crying like day 1 players on our server. Everyone here, ESPECIALLY veteran members, should know our wasteland server was never made to be easy. Yes, balance has to happen. You're on the nerf side. Welcome to every game known to man. Challenge yourself. And honestly, you won't even notice much of a difference. Unless you rocket spam. IN THE END Everyone on the server knew it was going to happen. We've talked about it for a very long time. It just happened. But remember as feedback comes back, things change. VA will have more added and removed from it over the days to come and in the foreseeable future. We are trying to keep the server playable and balanced at the same time. The amount of code and time it takes to do what we do is a lot and we don't get paid to do it. So be a little more curious to your developers and understand their reasoning before you go off on a rant. TL;DR; Change How you spawn with VA for the better VA wasn't intended o be used the way it currently is. Balanced VA with ammo count, more specifically rockets. Many more updates to VA.
  9. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Kicked when getting in vehicle.

    Comp'd The issue has been resolved and it has been fixed.
  11. Code Snips

    lol, thank you sir.
  12. Infestar ban?

    is it still happening?
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, Recently we held a poll for members to see what server they would like to see Fractured launch. Originally it came down to 3 options after the poll was closed. It was a close call and now it's up to the general public to decide which server we are going to launch next. Please select an option in the poll for the next server you want to see launched by Fractured Gaming! The results will be final on 4/30/2018 @ 11:59AM est. Announcement will follow the next day.
  14. Infestar ban?

    we never touched it. I think, you saw a ban from some1 else as you got kicked maybe...

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