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  1. Ghostyy


    1. You act childish. 2. You are immaturely handling the situation. 3. You are not giving us any evidence to say you didnt glitch. Or even giving us a reason to even consider unbanning you. 4. You are trying to tell US how to run OUR community. Nah, sorry, not happening. FYI: Locked. Forum ban and Discord ban will be issued if you post anything else. Regards,
  2. Ghostyy

    Cromax Ban Appeal

    1. He said she said means nothing to us. Having your friends back you up is not evidence. 2. That explaination doesnt cover every eventuality. You gained $25mil in a few hours which is even impossible for me or Outlaw, as some of the oldest, active players of this community's servers. 3. Evident disrespect of a Consul of this community.. 4. We denied the appeal. Meaning, unless you have evidence that states the oposite of what we have found, you will NOT BE UNBANNED. If none of the evidence requested is posted in the next day or two this thread will be locked... Regards,
  3. Ghostyy

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    You were banned twice before, within mere months, all for the same reasons. And now you want to blame this on a HUD feature that you can't disable and is server controlled? The idea was to give you another chance. However I guess I should ask another person(s) opinion. Regards,
  4. Ghostyy

    [FBGM] Ingram homophobic slurs

    Player will be dealt with. Thank you. Regards,
  5. Ghostyy

    Hi All new here ...

    Less than 2hrs away lmao Maidenhead
  6. Ghostyy

    ugh's racism-Stratis Wasteland

    That is all well and good, but like stated above we do need the evidence for our records so we know that he was banned for what reason. If we have no record of proof, when the player comes to appeal a ban in a few months how do we know he was actually racist? And our policy is simple - No evidence, no ban. Ban with no evidence = unban. Regards,
  7. Ghostyy

    Hi All new here ...

    Another English person.. from the South West too O-o The chances of that.. Feel free to join our Discord dude, we play Squad, EVE and a few other games too. Have fun and enjoy your time.
  8. Ghostyy approved the submission
  9. Ghostyy approved the submission
  10. Ghostyy

    TempestofChaos ArmA Admin Application

    Should of approved this a while ago, been a little busy with work. This has been approved and i will be talking to you soon about everything involved.
  11. Ghostyy

    Membership Application: The Bear

    This application was deliberately held off on to settle some issues, clearly shown above. Lateness on approval with a good reason is never a bad thing. Now, as the former mentioned issues were sorted Sage had my approval to go ahead and approve this. Any issues with it being late can be brought to me. Regards,
  12. Ghostyy

    Membership Application: sebbY

    Likes to jump in and play with everyone, has a good laugh and is decent in-games. +1
  13. Ghostyy

    Membership Application: Polka

    Hmmm... maybe.. maybe not... I dunno... Nice to play with, decent attitude, friendly. Rages a bit though +1
  14. Ghostyy

    Membership Application: TheWhiteRabbit

    After hearing about how you've only seen him once a month. Very skeptical. And as I've only seen him around discord and not playing, only twice? Adds to it. Activity is a must.
  15. Ghostyy

    TempestofChaos ArmA Admin Application

    All opinions are valid. As they are opinions. What I will say, is that you cant weigh admin suitablility on how many warnings, kicks or bans they give out. You weigh their responsibility, reliability and their suitability on how well they deal with situations and how they act under pressure and how they use their common sense, experience and awareness. Now, when it comes to that particular incident, I would of done the same. I would of either a) translated and warned them to speak english in global but group chat was fine or b) allowed them to continue speaking the language if it was only to get a friend into a group. Our server is not specifically english, we just prefer to have everyone speak the same language because it is easier to communicate and easier to understand. But in that instance, translating and waiting is a better option based on what was said. Rather than being gung-ho and warning/kicking because the guy did something so small. Tempest may of not warned or dealt with much lately. That is in part due to the fact that a lot of people on our server(s) know how we handle rule breakers. This is not down to any incompetance, not to mention that you are on at different times. Tempest normally late night to early morning. Based on his character, personality and his general attitude he fits in fine and makes a good choice for being more than what he already is. He also likes to mingle with new players and old. He welcomes new people to discord also. So add friendly to that. And on a different level, people that have been here long enough know that for me to give someone praise and to tell them to apply if they want the position that normally means that I feel they deserve it, and normally i'm the last to say so. Along with this, @OutlawII, @DONKEY!, @Stinkysneeze and @Shine Dwarf may have some to say, if they read this 😉

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