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  1. Membership Application: TempestofChaos

    Reading this, I think you are the first person who got pissed off with the form to then add a new post to type more. Most people just submit it and say "fuck it it wouldnt fit" Now, I'm guessing you know who i am judging by the "OOOHHH that's a ban" comments on the server when someone tries being a smart arse towards me.. and this might surprise @Mokey more than most. I am willing to offer myself as some sort of Mentor. Mainly because, based on experience, I know exactly how hard it is not to scream and yell at someone who is trying, in essence, even if they arent going the right way about it, to give constructive criticism. (Sound familiar Mokey? ) Now, I don't do this half as much as I probably should and that is why the majority think I am a complete asshole.. (Hint: I am.. only if you dont know how to take it ) If you want to take me up on this and have any questions, PM or DM me. I have been here for 5ish years now and fair few people will tell you, I am not a fan of time wasters or helping people unless I see some form of potential or atleast a willingness to do something/improve/grow as a person. So don't take it lightly Regards, P.S. +1 for effort on the application. Oh and be warned. I'm blunt AF and like to take the piss... (Thick Skin required lmao)
  2. [FRAC] Hipnosha

    Player: [FRAC]Hipnosha Reason(s): Obvious and total disregard for our rules. (Zero Tolerance to Glitching)
  3. Membership Application: daddys princess

    Based on the last time you were here, I would want to see a gigantic improvement. I am giving no - or + until I see what I would consider an improvement.
  4. [FRAC] Commandant

  5. Ghostyy approved the submission
  6. Approved. You too slow.
  7. The server is currently experiencing Database issues and should be back up and running soon. In the meantime, please refrain from trying to notify anyone via Website or Discord as this will cause annoyance for myself, the other owners and admins. Regards,
  8. THIS... If the vehicle blows... your stuff inside is incinerated... soooooo......
  9. What does being a member mean?

    You filthy, filthy, poor excuse for a computer using human being. Never recommend that Umbrella. If you want decent you go with AVG or Sophos. Preferably Sophos as they upgraded their free AV a hell of a lot in the last decade. Or use MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) Discord is not a P2P VOIP. None of the traffic is actually passing through a server or client program hosted by a person or individual. It is all being passed through a centralised encrypted network. Therefor, sending a file will not crash or harm the server itself, as the server only stores the file and does not run/activate it. Also it is extremely hard to transfer a self-activated file through discord. For you to get infected you would need to open such file... And to be honest, with the level of knowledge we have, if we really wanted to do that the 100-10000s of people that have connected to our ARMA Server could have a virus/trojan on their PC.. But, again, to be completely honest, what would be the bloody point in that? Logan's little 'story' involved myself and Mokey getting hacked after we banned a very childish and immature hacker from our ARMA Server. Needless to say, it pretty much failed and everything is still running. "I'LL CALL FBI ON YOU".... Regardless, if you want any idea of how the community works and is ran or how people fit in the best people to ask, really, are probably myself and anyone else with an Owner, Consul or Founder tag or the handful of us that have been here for the past 4 - 5 years now. This community... it made me feel old..... Our membership, is by compatibility. If you cause problems, or are not liked because of the way you conduct yourself here, then you won't be here long. If you go against any of our rules, same thing happens. We are not a clan. We are a community of like minded individuals who enjoy playing games, getting drunk and shit talking til the sun comes up, then goes down again. ( @DONKEY!... ) If that is the kind of thing you would like to be apart of then by all means, apply to join.
  10. Hack?

    Check Gear Levels.
  11. Boxxyy Ban Appeal

    THIS is over. I denied this 4 hours ago meaning, you will stay banned until the 3 days are up. Constant bad mouthing, repeated homophobia. End of discussion. Thread Locked.
  12. Boxxyy Ban Appeal

    Before this goes any further, not only were you told to just knock it off by Logan, which would of solved the problem btw and you wouldn't of been banned for 3 days, you were told to knock it off by an owner. Our admins do not have total power and we are not dictators, the funny thing is the majority of them all ask if they should ban someone rather than just doing it. And to be completely honest, i'd of banned you when I saw this kind of crap for the third time, but as I wasn't on nothing happened, and be thankful it didnt because I would of permed your arse. [2018-03-23 | 18:10:12] Verified GUID (e2eef4966e85a177d1a6c5414ba14753) of player #128 ragnar [2018-03-23 | 18:10:18] RCon admin #2: (Global) Welcome to Fractured Gaming Stratis Wasteland [2018-03-23 | 18:10:33] (Global) Boxxyy: HAHA GET SHOT DOWN FAGGOT [2018-03-23 | 18:10:36] (Global) Boxxyy: OO[PS [2018-03-23 | 18:10:38] (Global) Boxxyy: oops [2018-03-23 | 18:11:19] Player #0 [FRAC] Commandant (a5e85c291b37e50cafc0aa62a0ca51d8) has been kicked by BattlEye: Client not responding [2018-03-23 | 18:11:22] Player #0 [FRAC] Commandant (a5e85c291b37e50cafc0aa62a0ca51d8) has been kicked by BattlEye: Client not responding [2018-03-23 | 18:11:29] RCon admin #2 ( logged in [2018-03-23 | 18:11:52] Player #129 [FRAC]BlackNight ( connected Yes, Logan may of lacked tact and subtly, but you lacked the ability to compose yourself and not make the situation confrontational, therefor this ban is sticking and you will eat it as it is 3 days. Use the time to think about how differently you could of handled yourself and how differently you could of replied, rather than replying, when warned, with this. (Global) Boxxyy: Oh no ill cry if i get kicked OR (Global) Boxxyy: Cant argue with a dictator z(*-*)z (Global) Boxxyy: My mistake When you do come back from your ban, if you decide to play on our server again, some advice, don't instigate or start a confrontation or give an admin the attitude. That is why you got banned.
  13. Antistasi - Operation Fractured Garden


    Will take a squad lead position if available, if not any other position will do. May be 5-10mins late as 14.15pm est is roughly 19.15pm my time, not expected to be finished til 18.30-19.00 my time. Will have TS3 set up as needed, discuss on discord soon.
  14. DiddyHop Ban Appeal

    Based on chat logs and the video that will be appearing on the ban post, you were warned not to say it. You were then kicked for saying it again. You were then banned. Why? Because 1) You said something WE decide is homophobic. 2) You disrespected an admin. As for people backing you up, I see 3 people complaining that you wouldn't shut up and leave it, chat logs also show this. However they only show your friend who was playing with you at the time, trying to find your battle. If you'd have just carried on and played instead of making a big thing of it, you wouldn't of been banned. There was also no admin abuse here. Sooo, you are going to eat the 3 day ban. And to add, before you flip shit, I'm English too. I don't tolerate this kind of shit.
  15. Homophobia and trolling

    Player has been dealt with. 3 Day ban ->

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