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  1. Ghostyy


    Moved to the right section. Please make sure you post in the correct section. Regards,
  2. Can we have Junior instead? Would be a welcome addition to coming back if that is what you want.
  3. Ghostyy

    Shitter Gangs Everywhere

    Video does not seem to want to load. Tried on Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox and Brave. Video still on YT?
  4. Ghostyy

    Membership Application: Kazakhstan Numba 2

    If the only reason you want to join is for gear levels, then application denied. You can get gear levels by meeting the requirements stated in the information post located under "Gear Level Information & Upgrades" or on the map in-game. If you want to join our community and want us to take it seriously, make another application in a week or two. Regards,
  5. To add to that, because members like yourselves take forever to notify people or post comments now also. Fingers out of asses gentlemen. Hopefully a decision will be made by the end of the week.
  6. Ghostyy

    Please ban TK'er

    Although Teamkilling is against our rules, no action will be taken. Why? Because the in-game punishment feature should be enough. We don't ban because someone TK'd you once, twice or thrice. Repeatedly then yes. However, take this as a warning. If there is any teamkilling as a result of this post then all parties involved will recieve equal punishment. Regards,
  7. Ghostyy

    Ban Appeal

    What he said.. 👌
  8. Ghostyy

    Fire coward friend

    In the future DO NOT create another thread. Reply to your original post. Regards,
  9. Ghostyy

    DerpingOnSunshine Ban Appeal

    As you havnt used the proper ban appeal application we cannot take any action towards assessing your appeal as we do not have the relevant/required information. Please use the proper application form under "Applications > Submit a Ban Appeal" and provide as much information as possible. Link below also. https://forum.fractured-gaming.com/application/ Regards,
  10. Ghostyy


    1. You act childish. 2. You are immaturely handling the situation. 3. You are not giving us any evidence to say you didnt glitch. Or even giving us a reason to even consider unbanning you. 4. You are trying to tell US how to run OUR community. Nah, sorry, not happening. FYI: Locked. Forum ban and Discord ban will be issued if you post anything else. Regards,
  11. Ghostyy

    Cromax Ban Appeal

    1. He said she said means nothing to us. Having your friends back you up is not evidence. 2. That explaination doesnt cover every eventuality. You gained $25mil in a few hours which is even impossible for me or Outlaw, as some of the oldest, active players of this community's servers. 3. Evident disrespect of a Consul of this community.. 4. We denied the appeal. Meaning, unless you have evidence that states the oposite of what we have found, you will NOT BE UNBANNED. If none of the evidence requested is posted in the next day or two this thread will be locked... Regards,
  12. Ghostyy

    alexander spiers Ban Appeal

    You were banned twice before, within mere months, all for the same reasons. And now you want to blame this on a HUD feature that you can't disable and is server controlled? The idea was to give you another chance. However I guess I should ask another person(s) opinion. Regards,
  13. Ghostyy

    [FBGM] Ingram homophobic slurs

    Player will be dealt with. Thank you. Regards,
  14. Ghostyy

    Hi All new here ...

    Less than 2hrs away lmao Maidenhead
  15. Ghostyy

    ugh's racism-Stratis Wasteland

    That is all well and good, but like stated above we do need the evidence for our records so we know that he was banned for what reason. If we have no record of proof, when the player comes to appeal a ban in a few months how do we know he was actually racist? And our policy is simple - No evidence, no ban. Ban with no evidence = unban. Regards,

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