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  1. RazeX

    GhostNova - Discord

    - Respect our staff, running Fractured is a job we don't get paid for. We don't have to have our servers, but we do. Basic etiquette should be used when joining channels including: --- Listening to the channel first to not cut off people --- Refraining from loud introductory noise (i.e. don't join a room yelling "GOOODDDDD MORRNINGGGG!!!!!") These are all rules of the community, these rules apply to our members as well. Nova was banned for the following; Causing Drama (With Other members) No Mice Etiquette Ban approved by Mokey, Shine, Ghostyy, RazeX.
  2. RazeX

    Membership Application: York

    after the 2 weeks, ive seen you active a good bit in discord, you are quite the enforcer if you will, you dont like toxicity and for me that goes a long way, so with that saying, ive had 0 issues with you, and ive heard of no other issues. so welcome to the family!
  3. RazeX

    Membership Application: Gormander

    after playing with gormander for awhile, i feel he is a good spot, i have not spotted any toxicity from him at all. hes quick to shut kids up with their toxicity, With that being said im approving this application, And ive seen him on almost every NIGHT, hes not a day player (Sun light burns) Welcome to the Family good sir
  4. RazeX

    Membership Application: York

    Hey York, I've been playing with you for awhile since Thursday, and in this time frame here is my thoughts of you so far. (Can change) You've had a friend come in (Dinosaur--Check ban appeals) discord, who kept saying racist remarks, you've asked him to stop multiple times, then you asked me to ban him after 3 times trying to stop this (see Attached image) ive let you read the rules to members coming into discord when we are playing with randoms, and you've missed very little content, so this tells me you have read the rules and know the rules. this also tells me no matter what happens you have a 0 tolerance for toxicity, and that to me fits well with fractured You have kept your cool with every situation even with the league of legends we play. and with other community members, you're open to play with anyone and willing to give everyone a chance. -level minded -rule enforcing -Fun to play with -Mature With this all being said, i will give you a +1, I want this to be known, i give +1 only if i play with the person for minimum of 3 days (i will not give a +1 if i played 1-2-3-4 games with you i need to know you) This is a well earned +1 from me, and i cannot wait to see you join the fractured community, it is well deserved.
  5. RazeX

    dihosaur Ban Appeal

    Matured a lot? we invited you into discord, to play a different game with you, every 5 seconds used racist slurs, and were asked to stop countless times, you are banned from discord due to this now, and with this appeal in i'm denying this too. We do not want any Toxicity in our community, this includes but not limited to racist remarks. DECLINED
  6. RazeX

    Membership Application: The Bear

    seeing how this application was submitted on June 11th, and it is now June 26th, (past the 14 day mark) i have seen bear on active for the most part (Primarily on siege) and he has good communication as long as there is not toxicity or other kinda means of trolling or misunderstandings. he is a good addition to the FRAC community, I will push this application to approved. @Sage if you have any objections to my decisions let me know via Discord, or even on here.
  7. RazeX

    Membership Application: JASEverett

    im kinda sad he didn't mention me, however the comment he made... i... i just cant even... +1
  8. I cannot give him a +1 or a -1 on this, Reasons; There have been some instances arise while playing with you, not with YOU, but with the people you played with, as a community admin we want you to show some Rule enforcement, prior to the role, its kind of a Member thing, you should say something is "Wrong" or "Not to do it again" i cant tell you how many countless times ive seen you in a group with people and me included to the kiddos that say the F**** word or the Ni**** , but it just blows by you. stuff like that is not tolerated here as per say in the rules. aside from that, i would like to see a little more rule enforcement prior to you actually becoming a community admin. Aside from that, you do have a good mindset, you are level headed in decision making, and you are a good problem solver, so you would make a good admin with those attributes, however as stated as before i cannot give it a +1 or a -1. Subject to Adding/Changing, but this is how i feel at this moment.
  9. Where do i begin. I cannot Put a -1, on this matter because i have yet to see Psycho do anything Wrong, Community wise, so if i cannot put a -1 on this subject, and i have indeed played with her, i wouldnt say "Regularly " but i have played a few times with her, i am forced to give her a even though she she new here i do believe as what tempest said, we do need more recruiters. However since you are new here to the fractured gaming community, if you have any questions about any position,rule, or how to's dont hesitate to ask a consul (me,Donkey and Outlawl)) or owners, (Ghostyy, Mokey, Shine)) Just remember the CoC (Chain of command) +1
  10. For future reference, seeing how this is your first gear level application, Gyazo is not accepcted as a Screenshot for our gear level systems, for the images can be tampered with, in the future please use a Steam screenshot, by pressing F12 then when finished playing upload it and provide us with the link, Seeing how this is your first application and i clearly see the FG logo on your image (Props) ill do this gear level application as a one time pass, don't let it happen again, thanks. Done
  11. Please use The Correct screenshot format for Gear level upgrades (STEAM SCREENSHOTS), untill then we are going to have to deny this application. Imgur is not accepted. (images can be modified)
  12. 6-7 7m 7-8 8m 8-9 9m Done, quite a chunk of change you worked up there -props -24m
  13. unable to open screenshot, seems you fixed it on other post, Denying this one. please Review other application

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