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  1. Rabi

    Tempest's list for server survival

    Gear Lvls - Im fine with whatever the changes will be as long as we get more players on the server Mission Reward - The old mission loot crates should be brought back as sometimes its not worth the effort UAV - I know i use alot of drones XD, but the lockout timer would be good Malden - Well, depends on the Admins/Consul. If shutting Malden down and bring players to Stratis, worth the try i guess... Lockout Timer for vehicles? - Just a thought, maybe a lockout timer before you can buy a vehicle from the same category?
  2. Rabi

    Tanoa Server

    1st thing that came to my mind when u said Tanoa Wasteland, "FPS". Its gonna be a laggy map with all the trees for wasteland and especially when u would want to have many players on, plus its a big map too.
  3. Rabi

    Player Hacking

    Barry Allen came to try out Fractured Wasteland 🤣😅
  4. well done, you have made it at last. i hope you enjoy it 😉
  5. Player: Shitter Gangs Everywhere Reason: Teleporting, Mass Kill , etc. We saw him teleporting quite a few times but i only managed to record him at the last part when he mass killed. If the rest of u managed to record something, pls put it up here too. Thanks
  6. Rabi

    Membership Application: Kazakhstan Numba 2

    u dont need to join Frac to buy gear levels. U can just apply for the gear level. As for the name, i believe they are asking for your real name. As for the rest, i will leave it to the admins since im not the expert here. Oh, and do try to come on to discord and play with the Frac guys so that they can get to know you too. Thanks
  7. Rabi

    Lukas Teamkill

    I would have hoped you considered my cover photo too 😍 Its fine, i just hope he doesnt come back next time with another name and do it again XD
  8. Rabi

    Hacker on the wasteland...

    Sometimes Arma just hates us.... Marii 😍
  9. Rabi

    Lukas Teamkill

    We didnt record it as everything was fine. He just went haywire and killed that player izzy, and Tessari and i just happend to be in that vicinity doing a mission. He was silent the whole time and never responded to any of our queries. Sorry i dont have anything else to go on. Only izzy would be able to tell us what occurred beforehand. Will try to catch him online to come here and have a look. Thanks
  10. Rabi

    Lukas Teamkill

    Lukas killed a player before this, then he tried to AA me, which i managed to eject from in time. When we tried to talk to him, no response. After that, he killed Tessari and I, then logged off before we could punish him.
  11. lol Ben, all these time, i thought u had VA
  12. Rabi

    Hackers mission

    Thats a good idea too, i dont mind if the percentage taken from the bank is higher during low pop
  13. Rabi

    Ban Appeal

    Wow, bro. Can you please help the admins out and those reading please by using the right format at https://forum.fractured-gaming.com/application/form/4-submit-a-ban-appeal/
  14. Rabi

    Hackers mission

    Is it possible to set a restriction on the Hackers mission where it will only spawn if there is a certain amount of players on the server? Whenever the Hackers mission come on when there is less than 10 players, we are like, whats the point if we are most probably getting only 25k out of it. Especially when u know how difficult it is to kill the AIs at Hackers mission. I cant suggest what would be the right number of players that have to be on, i will leave it up to the admins. Any input or opinion on this matter is greatly welcomed. Thanks
  15. oh shit, someone's gonna take all my money now... lol

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