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  1. OutlawII

    Tempest's list for server survival

    I have read through some of these ideas, most of them have already been implemented or tried and got rid of at one time or another. I dont know what is going to happen with Arma time will tell,but for now keep cranking out some ideas. I really havent read anything really good yet other than nerfing stuff that does not need to be nerfed. If you want my opinion some things might not seem fair but it is a game based on military style play,in other words war. War is not fair and not always easy so lets keep that in mind. Also hearing about the FRAC guys that beat up on everyone makes me laugh,we a tough bunch of SOB but we can be beat you just need to figure out how. I will try to help anyone out with anything i can if you guys want to learn or play with the supposed bullie group that beats up on everyone maybe join there channel and ask them to join.
  2. OutlawII


    You can donate to the community at anytime. But it will not get any benefits in Arma it is against Bohemias rules.
  3. OutlawII

    Team killing after mission

    Doesn't matter who did what you still team killed and that is against the rules . If you run into this issue again record it and report. Or just do like most other adults and move on .
  4. OutlawII

    DerpingOnSunshine Ban Appeal

    If you are serious about being unbanned,i would come up with some answers instead of 'I dont know'. How are we suppose to even look anything up without a in-game name or date when you were banned? We will not just unban you because its been a long time.
  5. I would like some more feedback on this from other members
  6. This is denied not enough money you need 6 mil to go to level 3

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