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  1. Boxxyy

    Enemy at Gun Store

    This would do more harm than good, By turning it off now players who are trying to buy guns will be defenseless against campers and will have no way of knowing whether they're in danger or not outright I see how it might help, But then again people can just buy a $20,000 pawnee and spray through the walls of most stores on the map
  2. Boxxyy


    I'm not sure on how easily it would be coded but perhaps there could be a command such as #notify (player) (message) (Not sure exactly how the Arma 3 command system works, But potentially something along these lines?), If this could be done then it would maybe prevent accidental notifications such as if just talking to a player non-formally.
  3. Boxxyy


    Not doing this for pity or anything. Just trying to actually give a good suggestion from my own experience, Not doing this for any other reason
  4. Boxxyy


    When getting addressed via chat by admin, There should maybe be text that shows up on your screen such as that when the server is restarting, Avoiding accidental ignoring
  5. Boxxyy

    gear level search?

    Couldn't they just look at previous gear level requests and see that you went from GL 0->6 or 4->7, etc?
  6. Boxxyy

    [R] Chris Petersen - ARMA3 Ban

    why would you even spawn in more than 25 mil lmao
  7. Maybe you can find a crate or two of such quality from specific missions (like the sky smuggler) but missions like roadblocks and convoys will have normal ones to actually make these types of crates somewhat rare and valuable. Cant figure a good price for it in the gen store as it would depend on the availability
  8. Add ballistic cases to the general store (Or missions) and have them only (And what ever is stored in them) drop from wrecks then perhaps @Shine Dwarf
  9. How would missiles, grenades, munitions, etc survive an explosion of a vehicle when put inside of a plastic crate? Most likely, If the vehicle is destroyed, It is done (Most likely) by AT or HE missiles/tank shells. This along with burning inside of a wreck would obliterate the hopes of getting anything from it, Especially something flammable (money) and/or explosive.
  10. Boxxyy


    Or gear levels
  11. Boxxyy


    Does money transfer between servers (Altis->Stratis)
  12. Boxxyy

    Membership Application: PIX515E

    +1 cool dude
  13. Boxxyy

    Boxxyy Ban Appeal

    Logan is the only one escalating two words joking around, He lacks the ability to realize how people are people and play around. This was said to a player using the vote kick system built into Arma whilst the ordeal was in action, Not an admin or owner. If this is the case, Then I fully believe these two sentences https://gyazo.com/2b5e6d509feeda56eed0f1740ca04f04 should have been seen by admins and over reacted to as-well, if I am correct, Seeing as that is nearly the same context and meaning as what I said to someone, Yes? If you seriously consider "you suck" as "Aggressive pressure or intimidation" then there's seriously something wrong. I don't even know how harassment is considered to be relevant to the topic as I only said one sentence to two different individuals, On completely different matters. I guess Half of the points brought up make no sense in any regard to the situation. To say I was "Harassing" players by thanking them for money and saying "You suck" "Just kidding" just leaves me lost for words honestly. If this type of talk on the server is what you deem a ban worthy offense, then half the server already would be and will be banned. To think a bit of competitive talk, On a game about kidding the enemy, would be such a terrible crime is just odd to me. However, Nonetheless I don't care much about the ban now but i'm just still confused as to why a staff member of yours will explode at the sight of words he doesn't personally like. I'm POSITIVE every single one of you, Admins and owners alike, said at one point in time "[you] suck at [Blank]." and never thought it would be "Harassment" or "Trolling".
  14. Boxxyy

    Boxxyy Ban Appeal

    Name Boxxyy GUID IP Address What Server were you banned from? Stratis Wasteland Approx Time of your ban 12/31/1969 Who were you banned by? Logan Reason you were banned for? "Trolling, Admin disrespect and disrespect for the rules." Why should it be lifted? This admin, Logan, On multiple occasions has escalated situations much further than they should have been. As seen on a recent appeal, made by DiddyHop, This admin will for some reason decide to escalate the situation to the extreme, whether it be for the fun of it or because he genuinely just dislikes other people, I don't know. In said appeal I've mentioned, I don't agree with what specifically DiddyHop said or did, But am confused as to why an Admin would be the cause of such and event to occur (Multiple times now). Simply put, I don't understand why an admin will seemingly provoke an argument with players over nothing (In one instance, the entire situation sparked from Logan taking problem with a player talking about his sexuality and threatened players because of "Homophobia") Today, My ban sparked, Again, From an over-reaction from Logan. My entire session when said incident occurred I had been talking in global chat nearly the whole time, Light heartedly messing around and having fun. While doing nothing, I had seen a player talking about the graphics and say "this server fps is sick". Personally, I thought he said this servers fps is suck, with that I replied "You suck". Before Logan has the chance to respond, As I had been my entire session on the server, I was joking and said "kidding just lov" (Typo). This, For what ever reason and I may never find out, Prompts Logan to for what ever reason start escalating the two words to something that was never a problem in the first place, Stating i'm "Trolling" and "Instigating". Last time I checked (Literally less than a day ago and now) The rule for trolling goes as follows: " No trolling. We understand what jokes are. But if it seems your jokes are too much, you will be confronted and/or banned." Is this the definition of a joke that went too far? Saying two words, "You suck" and then a just kidding right after? And when I was asking what rule I broke, I was GENUINELY confused, I, Nor would any other member of society with a fully functional brain consider "You suck" said (once) as a joke that is going too far. As for instigating, Again i'm still confused as to what i'm doing wrong. There are no rules posted on this, Thus I have no guidelines as to what instigating would be considered, However i'm assuming Logan is mentioning the following: "(Global) Boxxyy: thx for marshall and 80k (Global) Boxxyy: much love". If this is said "Instigation", Then half the server should be banned as-well. That comment was addressed to a completely different individual (If not already known) who had completed a mission next to an ATM. If this is "Instigation", Then I have some videos of players talking to me, Thanking me for trying to get a large sum of money into an ATM and dying 100 meters from it and them thanking me for bringing it so close. Its a game. I thought nothing of it or that it would be considered "Against the rules" Whilst it not even being listed. Concerning the admin disrespect claim, I'm partially at fault for that, Yes I'll admit, But i'm only going to show as much respect to you and your reasoning as you do me. If i'm going to start having an admin accusing me of something they're EXTREMELY blowing out of proportion, Then yes, I'm going to as well as many other people are going to have less respect to give to said person. The only time I see from the chat logs I was "Disrespectful" was maybe in these lines: (Global) Boxxyy: Cant argue with a dictator z(*-*)z (Global) Boxxyy: My mistake". Cant really say how this is disrespectful because i'm literally describing an administrators role (Regardless of server): "a ruler with total power". Video proof (Youtube Only, if available) I do have a video, But I believe the chat logs would be much more convenient
  15. Boxxyy

    DiddyHop Ban Appeal

    The entire situation sparked from said action ^^^ and to my surprise it wasn't a player who unnecessarily escalated it to the events that would follow.

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