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  1. Nope, Arma servers no longer exist. Lack of funding. If still up that's the host's problem. We're no longer managing them.
  2. Praetorian

    Tempest's list for server survival

    I don't think UAV's need to be nerfed anymore, everything else needs to be buffed. UAV's used to be cheaper, stronger and fly higher and abused beyond belief and rarely complained about until store prices got changed, jets nerfed etc. When people had the stock jets and titan AA's out of every other crate taking down UAV's wasn't as much of a big deal. In my opinion the whole server needs to be buffed. VA is fine where its at and gear levels don't need to be made anycheaper, We just need to lower store prices, bring back jets, buff crate loot again and have a few gear level sales to get people playing again. Pawnee's I think need to be set back to 60k though. On top of all this we nerfed the spawn loadouts for all gear levels including VA, but this just puts everyone who doesn't have a ton of money or VA at a disadvantage because store prices were raised, and crates nerfed etc. Our solution to balancing has been make the server harder and harder and harder but people just don't want to play that. We need to actually put some heavy thought into a balancing overhaul.
  3. Praetorian

    Tanoa Server

    ^^^This, and also a large portion of the Arma playerbase does not own Apex. The server that might replace Stratis is Malden but I don't see that happening personally.
  4. Praetorian

    Tempest's list for server survival

    As much as I appreciate Shine's work on Malden, it needs to go if the bills keep getting paid. If malden players were to be playing on Straits at peak hours we'd be pulling 30-40 players on Stratis as is as there is usually 18-20 people on both servers, and if server population is low on both servers money farming just cant be fixed. There's no way to stop 5 people from all getting on blufor at 2am and making 10 mil in a night. But above all everyone needs to be on board. Nothing gets changed without their approval of Consuls and Owners and nothing gets fixed correctly without Members and Arma Admins participating and giving feedback as well as actively getting the feedback from guests and other players.
  5. Praetorian

    Disable UAV

    UAV's only spawn with a few missiles, cannot be rearmed and cost up to a quarter million. They are so nerfed that we actually lost regular players who used them before they were nerfed, and we also have a height limit on the UAV's so they cannot go far out of range of AA's. Personally I think UAV's are plenty nerfed and especially with the mountains on Malden shooting them down just takes some extra effort. This is not a final opinion what so ever though.
  6. Praetorian

    Brudah - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: Brudah Player IP: US [] Player GUID: 1289cfa72f3aec639ee177ddc98f54ba Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland ArmA III: Malden Wasteland Ban Length: Permanent Ban Reason: Racism Proof: [2018-11-23 | 19:37:54] (Global) Brudah: you're a nigger https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/961978167727236577/B37D926F280344B0E8FF1CB95CBACA6B4424DFB8/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|1024%3A578&composite-to=*,*|1024%3A578&background-color=black Furthermore the player has a ban on Sa-matra wasteland for offensive language. https://wasteland.arma.su/_wsbans/bans-a3-permanent.txt
  7. Praetorian

    Please ban TK'er

    Video would help yes, usually the punish button to be used when you are tk'd but if someone repeatedly trolls or has clear intent to steal etc. please accompany report with video 5min or more preferably.
  8. Praetorian

    Ghosting on the Malden Server

    Record him joining blufor, leaving to indie then immediately killing teammates etc. Basically him actively carrying out ghosting not just changing teams.
  9. Praetorian

    Ghosting on the Malden Server

    This video shows 0 ghosting what so ever, and hearsay is not good evidence. Thank you for reporting.
  10. Praetorian

    Mo Bamba - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: Mo Bamba Player IP: US [] Player GUID: dc5cf708234db349da761e46179ffda1 Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland ArmA III: Malden Wasteland Ban Length: Permanent Ban Reason: Hacking Proof:
  11. Praetorian

    ban this guy

    Your ban was extended to 7 days by an owner as indicated on the ban post. If you would like to contest the ban make an appeal using the application provided. If you continue or argue on this post it will be locked. https://forum.fractured-gaming.com/application/form/4-appeal-a-ban/
  12. Praetorian

    Team kill report

    Because you both TK'd each other, which is against the rules either way, and we have a solution in place for small cases just like this in form of the punish button I won't be banning anyone. Do not team kill under any circumstance and use the punish button. Punishing someone twice will kick them to the independent team. In future if someone team kills you for a large reward, or is consistently trolling please report with as long of a video as you can. Have fun!
  13. Praetorian

    George Rush - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: George Rush Player IP: | Player GUID: 470cd73256f47a3905d24f5c9ccac490 Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland ArmA III: Malden Wasteland Ban Length: Permanent Ban Reason: Hacking Proof: Joined right before the hacking started and disconnected after it started multiple times, and was sitting in discord muted until admins got off from previous incidents. Then unmuted, launched the game and connected. Also has bans on multiple other servers (To be added by Donkey) [2018-09-23 | 22:09:42] Player #41 George Rush ( connected [2018-09-23 | 22:09:43] Player #41 George Rush - BE GUID: 470cd73256f47a3905d24f5c9ccac490 [2018-09-23 | 22:09:44] Verified GUID (470cd73256f47a3905d24f5c9ccac490) of player #41 George Rush [2018-09-23 | 22:10:17] Player #42 lachlan ( connected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:19] (Side) Murmillo666: wft [2018-09-23 | 22:10:22] (Side) Kaden Vitali: OOF [2018-09-23 | 22:10:23] Player #42 lachlan disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:24] Player #2 CaboCorrupto. disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:24] Player #27 Yetti disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:26] Player #25 FuqinPanda disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:28] (Global) xGHOSTx: OMG [2018-09-23 | 22:10:29] Player #18 braxt disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:30] (Global) [-sT-]Mata_Cotoco: vai tomar no cu [2018-09-23 | 22:10:33] (Global) Kaden Vitali: well that was unexpected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:35] Player #34 joel disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:35] Player #29 Trefleh disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:37] Player #33 CWO Boom disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:41] Player #26 Brent disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:43] (Side) Murmillo666: - [2018-09-23 | 22:10:47] RCon admin #4 ( logged in [2018-09-23 | 22:10:47] (Global) BixO_PiRuLeTa: WTF ADM [2018-09-23 | 22:10:52] (Global) SO2 R. Paterson: what happened?? [2018-09-23 | 22:10:56] (Global) CaboComTudo: ISSO EH HACCK? [2018-09-23 | 22:10:59] Player #42 BigBoss420 ( connected [2018-09-23 | 22:10:59] Player #23 Bane disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:11:01] (Global) xGHOSTx: I was trying to play daead at snipers nest [2018-09-23 | 22:11:02] Player #21 CaboLozzo disconnected [2018-09-23 | 22:11:02] (Global) The Doctor: u hacker need to find something better to do with your life.... [2018-09-23 | 22:11:03] Player #41 George Rush disconnected Approved by Donkey.
  14. Praetorian

    cam girl - ARMA3 Ban

    Updated to 7 day ban, approved by Shine.
  15. Praetorian

    ban this guy

    Please resubmit with a less toxic title, it's not very professional and it can't become a norm or common.

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