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  1. BipolarIceScream

    Garylg03 - Wasteland Gear Level Application

    Nice one Gary....Good job!
  2. BipolarIceScream


    Shepard racism In the last 15 seconds of the video
  3. BipolarIceScream

    crate isssue

    @DONKEY! @soulkobk You all are right...that makes perfect sense. I had just never seen it before then. Not sure why I couldn't sell the items though. This part has not happened again. Thank you guys for looking into it.
  4. BipolarIceScream

    crate isssue

    Here is a screenshot of so called Special Weapon. This one actually let me sell the crate. but still could not get it out of crate to use.
  5. BipolarIceScream

    BipolarIceScream - Stratis Wasteland Gear Level Application

    Thank you ! thank you ! thank you!. I have grinded so hard for this....I understand and accept the terms for Virtual Arsenal. Prestige levels getting to this will leave you pissed off lots...but it' s gonna be worth it. Again...Thank you
  6. In-Game Player Name: Bipolar IceScream Player ID: 76561198371327281 Current Gear Level: Prestige Level 4 Requested Level: Prestige 5 ($25 million) Steam Screenshot of Bank: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/929310409259804310/3DE234A13F8553F48D58B2C796DE9DEE44CCDF3D/ By submitting this form you acknowledge that gear levels are a privilege. Falsifying this application can result in removal of gear levels, immediate denying of future applications, and/or banned from our servers. Yes
  7. BipolarIceScream

    Money Problems

    OK...Its still doing it as of 2:45 am. eastern time. here is a screen shot...It was stratis server...on the small money mission.
  8. BipolarIceScream

    crate isssue

    On Stratis server. Cant remember which mission, sorry but I was doing so many I lost track. If I can remember it I will let you know. I will look through my recording and see if I have it recorded. Best I remember it was late Thursday night.
  9. BipolarIceScream

    crate isssue

    no. It was the first item listed in the crate.
  10. BipolarIceScream

    crate isssue

    I did a mission last night and got 2 crates from it. One of which I could not access the crate. When I went to sell it ...It had listed in the crate "special weapon" as one of the items. My question is...What was this? And why couldn't I access this? I'm not complaining....the crate did sell for more the 2ook but I would have liked to tried a "special weapon" also.
  11. BipolarIceScream

    Money Problems

    I have been having this problem occur several times for the last 2 days. When I deposit all money.... it will leave like 0.601563 or some other random number. I withdrew cash and redeposited to see if it fixed it. I t did not. Just letting you know...Hopefully this will help.
  12. BipolarIceScream

    Stratis Wasteland Patch Notes 5/12/2018 Midnight

    Your doing a great job! THANKS!
  13. BipolarIceScream

    Cheetah selling price?

    yes .thank you
  14. BipolarIceScream

    Cheetah selling price?

    Not sure about the Cheetah but here is another one. Can I get compensated?..lol https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/2438013375541469795/E1E6FB0F0ACB0A57A015876F5CE5783BA0663774/

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