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  1. Ferreter

    Ark: Mod Suggestion

    So who wants an Arena style Map?
  2. Ferreter

    Ark: Mod Suggestion

    First post Edited 2/12/2018 to consolidate the requests for easier reading.
  3. Ferreter

    Ark: Mod Suggestion

    I know the Platform Plus runs smoothly with S+(Same creator) as well as with Pillars Plus. Both should also cut down on lag by reducing the number of foundations/Pillars needed to make the various platforms work. Castles, Keeps and Forts while absolutely AWESOME from a Castle-Obsessed-Nerd's perspective has had a hand in lag for past Ark servers. We had a base a fraction of the size of our Aberrant one and it was killing Raptors computer. Also seen issues with it and S+ on the same server causing superlag when accessing engram lists (Both add a LOT of new engrams to the game). That said, if we can get them to work together I'd be all for it. I want a castle! With dragons to roost on top of them.
  4. Ferreter

    Ark: Mod Suggestion

    Nice quite place to consolidate Mod suggestions. Current Mod Requests: Platforms Plus Snappy Saddles and Rafts Castles, Keeps, and Forts Super Spyglass Current Mod Suggestions: Ancient Dragons and Wyverns (this one is more of a suggestion than a request)

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