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  1. Name: Daniel Lhongdeek Reason for reporting: Hacking Proof:https:
  2. Name: Headshotsyco and Jerry Reason for reporting: Hacking Proof:
  3. MaRii

    New Font

    lol i thought I was the only one who couldn't figure out if it's 6 or 8 ...especial if you're a hvt and trying to get the money in the atm real quick
  4. MaRii

    Server Merge?

    TBH I think its best if you guys don't add gear levels at all, the thing is I'm sick of people complaining about VA and other gear levels lets at least give the babies what they want
  5. MaRii


    Name: benpa Reason for reporting: Im not sure if its hacking but i think something fishy is going on there... Proof: https://youtu.be/0uK4v9eH2QY
  6. MaRii

    Enemy at Gun Store

    well for me I think its perfect the way it is ... reason being is that i don't wanna send 10 minutes shopping for gear at the gen store just to go to gun store and die ... not knowing they're enemies there I rather sit in the woods and wait for the gun store to be cleared @TempestofChaos I wanna be on your team
  7. @Shine Dwarf @Stinkysneeze finally you guys will know what the gun stores look like... knowing that you guys only get 1 kill per 2 mags
  8. @allnewplayers naw that's not my playstyle , anyway none of the changes will affect me ...I'm just gonna have to get my camping gear together ... it's gonna be like MaRii Da Camper
  9. MaRii


  10. MaRii


    @MokeyI think I'm liking your fractured gaming stats tracker https://techmokey.com/a3wstats.php but is it possible just to keep track of stats per week and not per year lol? just to make it easier to give payouts to players for the effort... Top Player (player with the most kills) of the week gets 1 mil - I WILL PERSONAL PAY THIS ONE Top medic of the week gets 1 mil Top ai killer of the week gets 1 mil Top Infiltrator of the week get 1 mil Nothing for teamkillers and respawners /suicider I know its still under development but its just something to think about...
  11. MaRii

    Arma 3 - Video Highlight Reel

    lol, wrong place ..."OFF TOPIC" stop being a hip
  12. MaRii

    Vic Re-arm points

    @Ghostyy pls help us ..it takes me like 20 minutes just to land and rearm and to push back my heli @Shine Dwarf is evil...
  13. MaRii

    Adding New Gear

    Hey, I was wondering if it possible that you guys could add some stuff to the Arma 3 server from the laws of war DLC such as uniforms, headgears and vest etc... knowing that they look really sweet
  14. MaRii

    Dick Skinners - ARMA3 Ban

    @Mokey roger

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