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  1. Stinkysneeze

    please no...

    It's not just the population of the server its a few things all bunched up together This is a direct quote from Mokey on our discord of why we are shutting it down the server.
  2. Stinkysneeze

    Disable UAV

    Just a bit of correction on this, you can rearm UAVs you do so with a bobcat and I believe its 50% of the price of the Vic that you have bought.
  3. Stinkysneeze

    Membership Application: Potato

    Hello Potato its nice to see you reapply for membership again after last time I hope this one has a different outcome than the last and I hope to see more of you around and get the chance to talk to you, On the last app you had in I heard nothing but good about you from people but I just didnt see you on enough or talk to you to fully see if you would fit in I hope this time changes, Good luck with the App. You'll need to read our rules and reply to this app saying that you have read and understood them and we can continue with this app, you can find the rules at the link below. -Stinky
  4. Stinkysneeze

    Membership Application: CyrusTheVirus

    From what I've heard about you and from what I've seen youre a well-liked person and fit well within our community so I'm going to go ahead and approve this membership app, welcome to Fractured and I hope you enjoy your stay. -Stinky
  5. Stinkysneeze

    Membership Application: Potato

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen you online on discord or in game all that much for a while now and not to many people have posted on the app for me to consider accepting and as I haven't had the chance to play with you or talk to you at all to go off of that so I'm afraid this app will have to be denied, for the time being, don't worry you can always reapply at a later date when you have the time. -Stinky
  6. Stinkysneeze

    Membership Application: CyrusTheVirus

    Hey, Cyrus I've talked to a few people who constantly play Amra and all of them said good things about you I hope to see you around and play with you a bit in the near future. -Stinky
  7. Stinkysneeze

    Membership Application: CPLPUNISHMENT

    Hey, cplpunishment from what I hear people liked playing with you and having you around but I haven't seen you on in a while and was wondering if you still wanted to join fracted again and if you were taking a break from gaming and it'd be a huge help knowing if you still wanted to join or not. -Stinky
  8. Stinkysneeze

    Hacker on the wasteland...

    Thank you for submitting a report but the length of the video and the fact that it looks more like lag then hacking no action will be taken on the players we will however keep an eye out. =stinkysneeze
  9. Stinkysneeze

    Lukas Teamkill

    Hello Rabi, We were wondering if you could upload the video with at least 1-2 minutes before the Teamkill so we can get a better handle on the situation as well.
  10. Stinkysneeze

    Membership Application: Potato

    That's because our old way of membership apps was changed and we don't have recruiters anymore and its mostly up to the community admins to deal with apps now and I've been kinda on a break for Family related things as of late, I'll look into this app give it a few days and make a decision. -Stinky
  11. Stinkysneeze

    Lukas Teamkill

    Thanks for the report we'll be looking into this right away. -Stinky
  12. Stinkysneeze

    Fire coward friend

    this post has gotten away from what it was this is a report thread, not a debate on who was right and who was wrong. THIS TOPIC IS NOW LOCKED
  13. Stinkysneeze

    Team killing after mission

    This is not a topic for debating your ban or the evidence, please fill out a ban appeal if you feel like it was an unjust ban. This topic will now be locked
  14. Stinkysneeze

    Praetorian's Application For Community Admin

    Praetorian is one of our more mature members which is saying a lot since I'm pretty sure he's one of our youngest and since he became an admin on our Arma server he has helped out a lot where he could, always trying to calm a situation down where he could and dealing with people in a rightly manner. Whenever he's on he tends to be one of the admins dealing with people constantly and in a professional manner not only making our server look good but our admins/members as well, I think he would make a decent community admin if given the chance to do so. +1
  15. Stinkysneeze

    liaml - ARMA3 Ban

    Player Name: liaml Player IP: Player GUID: 5dd7f0cdb8fe63122f62de55081da1a7 Banned Service(s) ArmA III: Stratis Wasteland Ban Length: Permanent Ban Reason: Hacking Proof: Sound DOA

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