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  1. Weber

    [FRAC]Doughnut is now [FRAC]Jack

    Staffordshire Terrier is a dog. A pug is not a dog
  2. Weber

    [FRAC]Doughnut is now [FRAC]Jack

    A mutated Rabbit mated with a Squirrel and had a baby that ran into a tree.
  3. Weber

    [FRAC]Doughnut is now [FRAC]Jack

    I would beg to differ.
  4. Weber


    Hafiz, Good to see you back. I know you mentioned restoring your member tags. Are you planning on staying? The community isn't just about playing Arma together, it's about playing lots of games together, it's about being part of the community as a whole, a group of friends, etc. It's not my call either way, just some food for thought. I'd love to see you back but I hope you want to be back for more than a tag Best, Weber
  5. Weber

    revive him self

    This has been handled. Locking.
  6. Weber

    Armed Darter

    The vote was a showcase. Not an actual vote. Again, see above. It's not about what the community thinks about drones, it is the issues they introduce to the server.
  7. Weber

    Armed Darter

    "As fun as drones were, they caused a lot of headaches. Essentially, you may as well be running around with player markers. Beyond that it caused massive lag, once you see over 200 darters on the server at once, you would understand. they are also nearly impossible to detect/remove. Due to height and size with no definitive "here's a drone" signal. I honestly would have to shoot it down due to the past." Just based off your past feelings on it.
  8. Weber

    Armed Darter

    Thanks for the suggestion @Chaz Michaels. It is awesome to see people having some new ideas and helping Fractured improve our servers. First, you may want to read this. Second. This will likely not be implemented. In fact, I can tell you that there is a 99% chance of it not being implemented. The topic has been beaten to death here, but long story short there will never be Darter UAVs on the server. Reference:
  9. Weber

    Navigation Dropdown

    As it's already been said, many times, in many places, header changes are already on the GitHub. I'll get to them when I have time. Right click Community, new tab.
  10. Weber

    Membership Application: byrdboyz

    What was the last game you cheated on? In what way did you cheat? Ever get caught?
  11. Weber

    Membership Application: Strilles

    Haven't talked to him much. But he's a solid enough guy who's put in more work in 2 weeks then many members have in their entire time here. +1
  12. Weber

    Sub Header Menu

    Yes. Added to GitHub.
  13. Weber

    News Scroller in the Navigation Panel

    Yes it would. Ha nothing wrong with making posts. At least someone's bouncing some ideas around!
  14. @PIX515E the issues already been added to the github. Other suggestions should go in a separate post. Combining the headers is not as simple as it sounds being that 2 very different "softwares" are being used between the front end and the forums. But it'll be looked into.
  15. Weber

    News Scroller in the Navigation Panel

    Anything is possible. But why would we is my question.

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