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    I had a couple encounters with Zombie which all of em had different outcomes if I could say the least, Zombie is in my mind a great competitive player and tolerates some stupidity at time but otherwise is right on path. I've heard him remind people inviting new members to the discord that were about to "forget to read them the rules" so he is making sure the community is solid and not full of disrespectful individuals. One of my least enjoyable conversation with Zombie was still instructive though, for me, I was playing R6S with Zombie but the "noob" I am lmao was trying to indicate him a position of an enemy player as I died and was watching the cameras. Let's just say I got carried into my calls which are not standard calls for R6S lol and caused him to die as he couldn't hear. None the less he calmly told me after the round to try to call out appropriately where enemy's are, which he's been helping me learn a bit but I'm drunk when I play R6S so... yea! Sorry again for that Zombie! My overall idea of Zombie in the first place was that he was already some type of community leader, I don't see why he wouldn't fit the position (keep it up man) his attitude and friendship is exemplary for all of us I think. +1
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    Psy, if i were to leave one peace of feedback. From your recent discord posts my thoughts are that you need to lighten up and be yourself. As a recruiter youll be a face for community contact. Dont be stiff and professional, be you. If youre an individual who holds Frac values, then let them shine with being yourself. All these recent messages ive read make you look like youre on a tightrope afraid to falloff Shine
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    Zombie has been a friend of mine for awhile in siege. He has always been a great friend and a good communicator. I think he would be great for this position. He has experience in being a leader and shows promise for this role. +1
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    Leaving that first comment aside, as we have already been discussing, myself, Mokey and Shine, that we are too strict on it in an outburst level. And the fact is that everyone lets it past once or twice, Owners and Consuls included, to mark him down for it would be hypocritical at best. Since joining this community Zombie has reigned in and adapted to the rule set we have here. He does not tolerate fools but will make exceptions for some of his closest friends doing such things when it is just them in a channel, like EVERYONE does. He has been around for a while, playing ARK, ARMA and Rainbow Six. He is not afraid to voice his opinion when asked and not afraid to speak out when something he feels is wrong has occurred. Not only has he brought members to the community but has been welcoming to other new people in this community or people looking to join. Along with this, a member cannot enforce the rules. Enforcing rules requires you be an admin first. If you dont have the power to do it, then you cant. Based on his interactions with the community and other players we have had in discord and his willingness to bring friends and new players into discord and being able to deal with problems between members, he makes a good fit. All positions come with challenges, all positions come with something to overcome and something new to learn. If you dont learn or listen to the people around you with the experience then you will fail, and so far Zombie has shown he can listen and learn when needed also. Now, as this is a Community Admin app this will be left for up to 2 weeks for people to comment. Use this time wisely.


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