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  • Stratis Gear Level Discount Donation Stretch goal has been added! Check it out in the Arma 3 forums!
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    • 20 April 2018 Until 30 April 2018
      I bet that triggered the Bohemia Alert.....
      Anyways guys we're nearing the final days of the month, and we still haven't reached our donation goal.
      In good old Shine fashion I'd like to play a game....
      If we can reach a stretch goal of $300 in donations for this month by the end of this month (10 days) I will give a 25% discount on all stratis gear levels for the first week of May.
      Open up your paypal boyz, we've got $135 to go!
      P.S. if this goal is reached this discount will obviously be available for all players, whether you donated or not. So start bugging your friends to donate!
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    • This would do more harm than good, By turning it off now players who are trying to buy guns will be defenseless against campers and will have no way of knowing whether they're in danger or not outright I see how it might help, But then again people can just buy a $20,000 pawnee and spray through the walls of most stores on the map
    • I vote for no carry over. If you complain and whine because you don't have rockets, then stay on Stratis. I would love to start fresh and allow all old player a chance to have fun as they go through and re level their gear up to where it is.
    • If people retain money/Gear levels on the Malden server, I probably won't play it. I was looking forward to the more hardcore playstyle 
    • Battleye is tricky, If you are not running with mods it could simply be an installation issue with BE. I would recommend uninstalling BE, then re-installing it. If that doesn't work, uninstall Arma, delete local files after installation including you %appdata%/local arma 3 profiles and doing a complete 100% fresh install. 

      If this doesn't work, then I'm not sure. I know @Reaper had the same issues and he had to go through hell to get it to work.
    • @Praetorian A lot of this has come up in discussion already with the owners. It essentially comes down to this:

      I've grinded too much to give up my VA just for a different map.
      New Map, Fresh start. It's needed.

      Both have their downfalls, some cause carryover from one to another server, but with the sense the gear levels have already been achieved on Stratis. Or you could go with the argument that why would I even play on malden when I've grinded for so long to obtain say, VA, just to play on a different map. or you can say that not having Gear Levels carry can cause server seperation, or the same problems that occured with Stratis before the gear levels. Again, they both have their same downfalls. It's really what people decide on this poll.
    • My take: Different map different server. Here's my reasoning: Stratis is based on a totally different style, and one of the main reasons Malden was build was to provide a more mission based, team based scavenging wasteland. There's two ways you could merge, you merge towards the Stratis server going towards a deathmatch server with VA and the such, or go towards the Malden server with a more tactical style. I would much rather both be the Malden setup as is, but that is short sighted, there is a large player base for both, and by having both, in my mind at least, you appeal to the largest player base.
    • @Ben Discussion among the owners has came up over this, we're trying to think of a balanced way per map to do so. However, the gear levels would be a little different per map due to balancing issues. But your level would be the same.
    • ... @Sage ...no
    • well for me I think its perfect the way it is ... reason being is that i don't wanna send 10 minutes shopping for gear  at the gen store just to go to gun store and die ... not knowing  they're enemies there   I rather sit  in the woods and wait for the gun store to be cleared  @TempestofChaos I wanna be on your team 
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