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    • Thank you Tempest and Outlawll for your help in this appeal. I have told him to be careful in what he is saying in game or chat.
    • My name ingame was also Cromax if I remember well. I cannot remember all of them.  
    • The Doctor,
      very time you change your nickname you get new kill-counting top list place.
      Try it out because it is imposible that with that number of kills we achieve anything except eventually with a very very goood luck gear level one. We changed way too more time nicknames than just Cowboy, Robert and Revenge - they are the most recently changed ones. One of I surely remember is Spetsnaz_2000 and a lot of others both for me and Todo.

      With respect, Revenge.
    • I would like some more feedback on this from other members
    • Hi, im not an admin, but i will just put up some stats that i looked up to help out.     I believe 'Cowboy' is you, 27 AI kills.

      I will just take the highest 'Robert', 71 AI kills + 27 AI kills
      Above is you with 3,778 AI kills + 71 AI kills + 27 AI kills, bringing it to 3876 AI kills Your cousin Todo, only had 259 AI kills   All together 3876 + 259 = 4135 AI kills In conclusion, i dont know how Todo can get to Prestige 2 and you to Prestige 5 with that few kills. Not only to say, it was for 2 players plus as you said, u bought items that cost 1million and sold it for 500k, which means you would need more money to be able to supply your gear levels and the designators.   This may not be able to prove that you are doing something bannable, but its really fishy if u compare that both of you can apply for gear levels just like that. Im sure other players arent so generous to donate money to you guys either when they themselves are trying to lvl up.   Rest i will leave it up to the admins, just putting in my input. By the way, the most i have ever earned in a day would be 6million, and that too was due to luck and friends helping out. normal days would be like 3-4 mil grinding during the off peak hours. Take note, it was before they reduced the drop rates of thermals and random crates from missions, so even then it took me quite a while.   Sorry if i am being an extra, thanks The Doctor
    • Mokey,  I am 100% sure that i saw after killing players ( kill or finish off, not just injure ) and AI.s sometimes in some cases game does not change player stats on top list when i hold "P" with no teamkills - I saw soometimes when someone do it it lowes his kills or if doesnt have one it will be -1 kills on toplist. I would record this happening next time if I come online.
    • TempestOfChaos,

      We did not get Designators over the night "yesterday". It was months of hard work. As I previously said 3. to 4. upgrade is not the first upgrade admin mistaked to delete all the money - just 10 million erased - the rest stood there untouched, im sure you can actually check it in game logs. We were not sure if it was failure or not. It was only the first upgrade during which I educated myself due to reading rules again and was 100% aware of that it needs to be totally money wipe .

      The rest of money came from playing after we already got money we needed for upgrade instead of just stop playing and go offline and wait like being banned for days until some of admins decide to do gear levels requests on forums.
      I have multiple times called some of admins if they are able to do applications on forums when I reached about 10M to upload request if they were in possibility. Administration said they do it when they do it, what is actually 100% okay if we hold in mind you are not doing it for money, so we cannot be 100% certain of when will it be. And Todo, my cousin does not give me money specifically for gear level upgrades - just gave me money 16.8.2018. for final Prestige 5 level to fill me up to 25 and we worked on his needed ammount of money for next upgrade . We have a lot of other transactions + hand to hand money giving probably marked in logs - sharing cooperate mission success and that kind of stuff like killed-players money. Try to think once more,
      Thank you, Revenge.
    • My main issue and why I do not believe this.  Any person trying to blow through prestige levels and planned for it, as you said you did, would do it as soon as possible.   This means every time you hit 10 million, you apply.  You don't wait until 16 million because it is a waste of more air strikes. Your actions show money isn't an issue for a goal that players grind months for.   Second, you would have to grind harder than any other player I have seen here.  I do not buy it.   Also, we are acting like his friend is giving him money.  HIS FRIEND IS ALSO APPLYING FOR PRESTIGE LEVELS.  He is doing it at the exact same days too. 
    • We did know about ATM money transfering ofcourse. We played on this server a lot. 

      But  we remembered it at the point of only 1M and + lasted.
      I am okay with and I support that you observe unbanned players. I think you should not even tell us we are being observed to surprise rule breakers and see what is true and what is not. Thats how I would do If was an admin. Good luck and thank you for your time once again,
    • Well storing the riches answers the 25mil. But it doesn't answer how the other gear levels were achieved so quickly, Now if Todo was giving you money, on the ground, EVERYTIME, the giant announcement to yourselves and on the map would of told you that you are targets. And seeing how you both well know the ATM, I don't see how you didn't know about transferring money. This isn't something I can believe. There's no way you didn't know about transferring.

      Our database counts everything. There isn't a way to get past this.

      I will talk to the other staff and we will have a vote on it. Somethings line up, but others don't. If you are unbanned you will be put on a watchlist and watched via RCON, Database, and while in game anytime you are banned. This I can promise. Nothing against you, it's just how we deal with people we unban.
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