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  • Stratis Gear Level Discount Donation Stretch goal has been added! Check it out in the Arma 3 forums!
  • Tanks DLC has been added to Stratis Wasteland! Please post any bugs in the Stratis bug section of the forums
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    • 20 April 2018 Until 30 April 2018
      I bet that triggered the Bohemia Alert.....
      Anyways guys we're nearing the final days of the month, and we still haven't reached our donation goal.
      In good old Shine fashion I'd like to play a game....
      If we can reach a stretch goal of $300 in donations for this month by the end of this month (10 days) I will give a 25% discount on all stratis gear levels for the first week of May.
      Open up your paypal boyz, we've got $135 to go!
      P.S. if this goal is reached this discount will obviously be available for all players, whether you donated or not. So start bugging your friends to donate!
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    • As he had to remake his app, I'll allow the skipping of the rule followup. Daddy's Princess is well aware of all our rules and we can hold him to that.     Now, Daddy's Princess has been here for a fair while, in the beginning he was a bit of concern, very loud, and borderline obnoxious. Over the past few months he has done very well for the most part in toning it down and being a good friend and teammate to a number of community members. While everyone can have some hiccups along the way, as long as they realize their mistakes, and learn from them that is what's important. Keep following the same road you're currently working on and I'm sure you'll make a good member.   Regards,   Shine
    • He gets a +1 from me, he is always fun to play with and helps out anywhere he can. He will be a asset to the Frac Family. He already knows and understands the rule better than a lot of playes i have played with over my time playing on this server. 
    • @TempestofChaos The player base isn't the issue, we could easily grow it with 5 active players. Don't let number obscure your vision.
    • Good dude plays well should fit in around here nicely +1
    • P.S.  People need to stop using just the suggested format.  Have fun!  It's not the only thing you can say.  Say what you like, or what interests you, not just the paper.  You're talking about yourself, after all. 

      I damn well hope you have something interesting and off the prompt to say. 
    • Thanks, so long as it's more than 1, I am content.
    • Hey y'all.  TempestofChaos here, Tempy if you're some of the other people I've played with.  It sort of stuck with me after that.   My actual name is Connor.  General rule is if you see a TempestofChaos, it most likely is me...unless it is not.  Currently I'm an accounting/finance college student working as a linecook in Southeastern Pennsylvania.    Given by my generally deeper voice, you probably can assume that I am a long-term smoker or a dude.   Choose your pick, I'm not bothered by either.  I've been all around the block in terms of the games I occupy my time with.  I've played soccer for years, studied martial arts, medieval martial arts (MMA ha), among others.  I've played Everquest, Everquest 2, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Smite, Arma 3, PUBG, Guild Wars 2 (WvW is amazing)..  I'll play it all as long as I have a fun group behind me.     I currently run a Ryzen 1700x, 980ti, and 8gb of ram that I built myself, debugged, and still beat my face into a table over when I can't figure it out.   Outside of my games?  I"m still a soccer fanatic, I try to learn stock market trading through technical analysis, I'm an avid homebrewer focusing on mead (the honey wine that vikings drank) and beer.  I'm an absolute fan of IPA's and barleywines.  Honestly, mead branches the specialties of beer and wine quite handily, as you can make damn near anything with it.    Just for funsies, I currently drive an '03 Mitsubishi Eclipse that I bought in a non-working condition, fixed it and now drive it around.  Did I say it is a convertible with a standard transmission?  Oooooh yes.  In addition to that, I've been working on a '68 RS/SS Camaro convertible for a few years now.  Bought it when there was a rustbucket, and let's just say that the only thing left was the VIN number.  One day it'll actually have an engine.    Little bit further on, I'm an absolute trickster, I love amusing myself and having fun.  I have my serious tryhard modes, but outside of those, I enjoy making little clips of funny moments and enjoying shenanigans.  I normally am not very serious unless one of my morals or values are violated.  Ex, somebody breaks the DBAD (don't be a dick) rule.  However, I sure as hell will voice my opinion if that line is crossed.
        You'll normally find me enjoying Arma with a bottle of wine at close hand.  Hell, I have 25 gallons in my basement that I made.  I have to get rid of it somehow.  Speaking of wine, I am an absolute whisky fanatic.   Pop in, speak to me.  I talk way too much, but nobody is perfect.  FYI, do not mention politics around me.  I get way too involved, however as long as both parties know it won't change each other's mind, I'll gladly debate. 
    • Should be fixed now, as Registered Guest Storage Quota was set to 0.. Meaning you couldn't send or recieve any new messages unless sent by an Owner / the automated systems. You should be all good. Be wary, the cap is now 30.
    • Ahh, I'm taking a look now, probably down to "Registered Guest" Limits. Will post back soon if it's fixed.
    • This may happen to just non-members, but trying to message others through the website results in an error that my inbox is full.   The only message in my inbox being the thank you note for donating. 
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